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Rubio on COVID: Health Officials Think Americans ‘Are Little Children Who Cannot Be Told the Truth’


Wednesday, during an appearance on FNC’s “Fox & Friends,” Sen. Marco Rubio (R-FL) discussed new revelations that suggested it was more likely the COVID-19 virus originated from a lab in Wuhan, China.

Rubio noted the conflicting statements made by government officials, which he said betrayed the trust Americans had put in these experts.

“[I] encourage people to go back about a month and a half at an open intelligence hearing,” he said. “I asked the Director of National Intelligence. I said, is it not true that both theories, the lab theory and the naturally-occurring theory, are both equally probable, and we really don’t know which one of the two it is, and she answered yes. They’re both equally likely, and we don’t know which one it is.”

“That was a month ago, but the truth is here’s the problem with this,” Rubio continued. “Some of the people involved in public health in this country spoke with such a level of certainty about this a year and a half ago, and not just spoke with certainty but basically called anyone who disagreed with them a kook, a conspiracy theorist, a crazy person. And what that does, along with other things that happened from public health officials in the last year, is it undermines the public’s confidence in our public health officials and in our public health system.”

“And so, what this does in the future, we’re going to have other pandemics and other serious public health crises,” he added. “People are going to be less likely to listen to them because they’re going to remember how many times they were either lied to or the truth was kept from them because they think the American people are little children who cannot be told the truth.”

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