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Russian Constitution to proclaim God and ban same-sex marriage [Video]


Russian President Vladimir Putin (R) and Patriarch of Russia Kirill lay flowers at the monument in homage to Minin and Pozharsky on the Red Square near the Kremlin marking the National Unity Day in Moscow on November 04, 2018. – The monument commemorates Russian Prince Dmitry Pozharsky and merchant Kuzma Minin, who gathered a volunteer army and expelled from Moscow the forces of the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth under the command of King Sigismund III of Poland in 1612. (Photo by Alexander NEMENOV / AFP) (Photo credit should read ALEXANDER NEMENOV/AFP via Getty Images)

Normally on Sundays I do not write news. This is in an attempt to stay close to God and the things that really matter. But today, the Sunday of the Triumph of Holy Orthodoxy, came with an extra added bonus that seemed very important to write about. The Russian Constitution is undergoing changes that will stun the West.

Dr Steven Turley is an American scholar studying the rise of the post globalist age in the US and around the world. Russia is the leader of this rise, as the country has been moving towards a tradition, Christian-based identity as a nation. In this video, Dr. Steve gives some astonishing information about the demographic changes in the Russian Federation not only since the fall of Communism in 1991, but going back before the 1917 Revolution. Watch this:

One of the most surprising statistics is that before the 1917 Revolution, only some 30% of Russian people identified themselves as Orthodox Christians. Now it is in the 70% range. Even though many critics of this “identification” note correctly that a lot of people identify as Orthodox Christian but are not in Church very often, the change in overall percentages shows growth in Church attendance as well. So does the existence of the 40,000 parishes and more than 1,000 monasteries that now exist in Russia where in the Communist peak, there were but two hundred (200) open churches and zero monasteries in Russia.

Russia is not interested in the Godless liberal globalism of the West, which itself is a kissing cousin to Marxism, in its emphasis strictly on the material. If you read my series on Orthodox Christianity versus Socialism, you can gather some more food for thought about the situation of the globalist secular West and make some judgements for yourself.

Russia is making some key changes to its Constitution, expanded on by Dr Turley:

  • The invocation of God is to be accomplished in the Russian Constitution’s new preamble.
  • The affirmation that all of Russia’s past (both Tsarist and the Soviet times) is part of an integral whole; the Russian Federation stands in continuity with both. This makes it “post-modern and post secular” in Turley’s words – and these two terms indicate traditionalism on the rise.
  • The Constitution will limit the definition of marriage to that being between one man and one woman. Same sex marriage is to be permanently banned in Russia.
  • Further, children are to be considered the most important property of the Russian Federation, and therefore to be protected (the nation has drastically cut the number of abortions performed).
  • The Russian language is to become the official language of the Russian Federation.


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