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Russian FM Lavrov Calls EU “Disgrace” Ridicules Zelensky Says US Military Action in Ukraine “Bluff”



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Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov’s interview with Director General of Rossiya Segodnya International Information Agency Dmitry Kiselev Moscow, April 28, 2021


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Alexander Mercouris


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Quick reminder! The ‘EU’ is a deeply corrupt ‘illegitimate’ undemocratic Dictatorship. When the EC [A Community of ‘Sovereign’ States!] was morphed into the EU with the ‘Lisbon Treaty’ it was defacto an ‘Coup D’éta’ facilitated by the corrupt criminal kleptocratic neoliberal/globalist Elites/Oligarchs, Corporate Fascists + Financial Mafia-Cartels – NO ‘EC’ Citizen has EVER voted for this or was even allowed to vote for/against it – Absolute NO Democracy Involved, what so ever. The EU-Junta [EU-Commission + Council] are a total illegitimate ‘unelected’ Gang of Criminals – NO ‘EU’ Citizen has EVER voted for them or was/is even allowed to vote… Read more »

Marc Landreville

Check this one out: Kevin Rudd accuses Scomo of being a religious zealot. That’s what probably drives his foreign policy, especially his hostility towards China. Why else would he sacrifice the livelihoods of thousands of Australians for the sake of a crusade against Communists? Starts at 3:20


He looks like one of those evangelical regime-changing nut jobs the US is famous for.

Terry R

Great move by Lavrov to insist that Germany and France (and OSCE) ensure the full implementation of the Minsk Agreement before any relaxation of Russian counter-sanctions.

This is the very demand that has been made to Russia knowing full well that Russia cannot influence the recalcitrant Ukrainian leadership and force it to conduct dialogue with Donbass republics.. As Lavrov said “they are barking up the wrong tree”

Now Lavrov has clearly delineated the problem in such a public fashion, there appears to be little wriggle room for Zelensky.

Exceptional rules for an exceptional order

Exceptional rules for an exceptional order

USA and Israel have once again joined hands in ignoring any UNSC resolutions they find ‘inconvenient’. The US, as senior partner’ has trumped Israel though in one key aspect and that is, ignoring the very resolutions it itself has signed. How exceptional of it.


Another case to add to the growing file of the U.S. having no intentions of following agreements it signed on to. How can the World continue to accept this double standard from the U.S. which makes any and every signed agreement toilet paper ?



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“Ike and Tina Turner – Nutbush City Limits lyrics”

Smoking Eagle

The US (with its western lapdogs in tow) keeps switching its narrative from Russia being the enemy to China being the threat, to both being enemies and threats, to China presenting a challenge to the west. It messes about building new military bases, creates skirmishes on Russia’s western and southern borders, dreams up absurd poisoning incidents, instigates and funds protests in Hong Kong, manufactures problems with Taiwan, stirs up overblown human rights issues with China, and prowls around in the South China Sea as though it somehow has the right to dictate how countries there should manage their affairs. In… Read more »

Mirror mirror on the wall

Mirror mirror on the wall

“Blinken, Dinken & Raab, in turn, said that an opportunity for better relations with Moscow exists if Russia “changes its behaviour””.

I’m confused, doesn’t a unanimous adoption of UNSC Res. 2202 and correspondingly Minsk II belong in this ‘rule-based order’ these muppets so often allude to?

I’m even more confused about the overthrow of duly elected presidents by violent means, i.e. ukra-nazi tonton macoutes and whether that’s the sort of good behavior they had in mind.

Mirror mirror indeed. I think I’d rather have pursued better relations with Pol Pot than with this lot.


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The more I hear about Russia the more I would almost like to move there, except for the language barrier. I love the Russian conservative viewpoint, and sure hope somehow that Russia does not get on board with China, because even Russia is not wise enough to see through all the one world govt crap, because every one is so constantly thinking that America is the defender of freedom, and the corruption is being exposed in mammoth ways. Russia is more and more seeing through it all, but I sure hope Putin and Trump are talking.


Quote, “every one is so constantly thinking that America is the defender of freedom, ” Unquote. When you post stuff like this, please include the FACT that the “EVERYONE” your reffering to, does not include people outside the U.S. Who know exactly what the REAL situation is, which is the exact OPPOSITE of what the U.S. claims. How do Americans explain the claims of “defending freedom” with the bombing, invading and occupying innocent nations who have done the U.S. no wrong ? Maybe the rest of the World has a total different understanding of what the words mean, as clearly the… Read more »


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May 4, 2021

Some time ago I read somewhere, an official Pentagon statement where they insisted: “The US Military is a force for good in this World” – You couldn’t made this kind of vile hypocritical pile of total Horseshit + Flat-Out LIE up…with a straight face…even if you try very very hard. If you recall the brief history of only the last 70+ Years, the AmeriCunts Genocidal Body-Count [direct + indirect] according to some unbiased Historians is properly around 100 million. BTW the US Genocide on the Native Americans is around 100 million as well.

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Ukraine has been a hot bed of corruption for a while now, and the Biden’s are on the take, so they don’t want their own sins exposed. Russia is right and Biden is wrong, and where does that leave American troops? Russia can first of all take some blame for where we are due to Russian propaganda way back in the 50’s. But today their influence is now being realized to have spawned a bad child. But the corruption in the Ukraine has to be squarely faced as being enabled by corrupt politicians like Biden, etc.

Nazis by any other name.....

Nazis by any other name…..

No sense in mincing words any more. In 2014, Ukraine was spawned from the Devil himself.

Last edited 5 hours ago by Nazis by any other name…..


Quote, “Russia can first of all take some blame for where we are due to Russian propaganda way back in the 50’s.” Unquote. REALLY ? What sort of crap you espouse. Always someone else’s fault hey ? Russia today is not, in any way, the Russia of the 50’s, to make such a claim is the height of stupidity and ignorance. We might as well say the U.S. today is the result of it’s actions in the 50’s, same same, yet we’d be 100% wrong. The issue is, many American are STUCK in the 50’s mindset, your post verifies this… Read more »


I cant help but agree with your overview of the marvellous intelligent Lavrov interview. The West is a 🧺 case. Deceitful and greedy to be relevant.

But stupidity is dangerous and that sums up the caliber of Western Government policy.

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