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Salaries ‘gone wild’: Carranza cronies pocket pay hikes as high as 35%


The New York Post:

City school honchos might need to reach for their calculators to tally up their ever-growing paychecks.

Raises on top of promotions for Schools Chancellor Richard Carranza’s
top educrats have led to massive pay hikes as high as 35 percent, with
at least 36 executives now slated to rake in more than $200,000 per year
— up from 21 last fiscal year, according to public records and an
analysis by The Post.

“It’s a picture of finances gone wild,” said Eric Nadelstern, who was a deputy chancellor under Mayor Mike Bloomberg.

“If you look at the cumulative increases and think about what those
dollars could do in schools for the benefit of children, it’s

Carranza’s hand-plucked deputies will pocket the big bucks thanks to
his generous promotions and a series of citywide managerial raises
ordered by Mayor de Blasio.

Among the mega-earners is Cheryl Watson-Harris, Carranza’s first deputy chancellor, whose salary will balloon to $241,102 this fall, The Post found.

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