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Salon Goers In Long Island Got Quite The Scare After A Deer Crashed Through The Front Window


So imagine you are just sitting there getting your hair done when all of the sudden a giant deer comes crashing through the front window of a salon.

That is exactly what happened Saturday in Long Island, New York, when surveillance video at the store caught the moment a huge deer run straight into and then crashed through the front glass window, per People magazine in a piece published Monday. (RELATED: Here’s A Glorious Video Of Matthew Stafford Throwing 56 Touchdowns To Calvin Johnson)


In the clip shared on YouTube, we see the aftermath of what occurs in the salon after the deer comes flying through the window. The animal first hits the ground after scaling a couch where a woman was seated. It then slides to a stop near hairdresser and owner, Jenisse Heredia, and her costumer. (RELATED:Video Of A Police Dog Visiting His Wounded Partner In The Hospital Is The Best Thing You’ll See Today)

The deer then scrambles to get its feet under it and starts running through the beauty store knocking over everything in its path while the people inside can be overheard screaming.

The animal disappears from the camera’s sight for a few moments before reappearing and running right back through the  shattered front window.

“It’s okay, it’s all right,” one woman could be heard saying off-camera after the wild incident.

Heredia later told the New York Times she thought at first due to the size of the crash it was a car coming through the window.

“It was huge,” she shared. “I was freaking out. I would have never imagined something like this happening before.”

Unfortunately, one person did get hurt and was taken to the hospital with head and leg pain. Honestly, it’s a miracle no one else was injured.