Home News Sanders accuses Biden donors of ‘trying to buy this election’

Sanders accuses Biden donors of ‘trying to buy this election’



In a campaign email blast on Friday, Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders solicited financial support for his presidential bid by telling potential donors that Democratic front-runner Joe Biden was “trying to buy this election.”

Citing a Thursday article from the New York Times titled “Anxious Biden Allies May Unleash Super PAC,” Sanders, 78, warned his potential supporters that endowment by wealthy donors could unfairly buoy former Vice President Biden, 76, into primary victory.

“It should not be a surprise that wealthy donors of the political establishment are trying to buy this election,” Sanders said in his email. “Now we need to be ready for when they do.”

Sanders, who claimed in April that his average individual donation was just $14, continued to slam high-dollar fundraising as a threat to the political process.

“Super PACs can raise and spend unlimited amounts of money to promote or attack candidates,” his bid for more donations said. “They are a threat to our democracy. And frankly, they are a threat to our campaign and our hopes to transform our country.”

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