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Savage: The Crucifixion of Trump by the Pelosi/Schiff Gang



The Crucifixion of Trump by the Pelosi/Schiff Gang

We are living in a dangerous time. It’s a time when our nation’s leaders resemble the government under Soviet rule, and France during the time of the French Revolution, where all that mattered was not the truth but the accusation. 

“J’accuse!”, the crowd would yell and there would be no trial by jury. The people were found guilty by mob rule based upon hearsay evidence, condemned to death by guillotine.

Then the Politburo members who were supposed to represent us will take those words of rumor and twist them to something evil for which the accused must be condemned. Democrats are using this tactic to bring down President Trump, but the consequences will be far greater, dismantling our nation’s very law. 

Do you realize that if this were being done to any of us as citizens, any reasonable court would throw the case out for lack of evidence? 

Do you realize that if you had someone who hated you, and brought charges against you in a court of law based upon what he thought he heard, there is not a judge in America who would allow that case to proceed. 

With the advent of the Me Too Movement all that now matters is an accusation. This political climate has threatened jurisprudence in America, destroying justice for women and for men. 

The Kavanaugh hearings run by the fascist Feinstein broke our system down even further. Feinstein and the Democrats declared him guilty and without evidence they made him into a sexual predator.

That leads us to today.  An anonymous, secret witness can condemn a person without even showing their face, and most importantly, without being subjected to cross-examination. 

Meanwhile, you have Democratic senators doing exactly what they accused Trump of doing, and they face no consequences. The J’accuse crowd will not point their fingers at former Vice President Joe Biden while they drag Trump before the guillotine once again. 

Do these people know that the world is watching? 

Do they not understand that this weakens our standing in the world as the citadel of hope? 

Do they not know this is a distraction that prevents us from properly defending ourselves against our enemies? 

Well, they do know and they do not care, because all that matters to the Pelosi-Feinstein crowd is the hysteria they create and the President they must destroy.

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