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Scarborough on Epstein’s Death: ‘This Is What We See in Mob Cases’


MSNBC “Morning Joe” host Joe Scarborough reacted on Monday to accused sex trafficker Jeffrey Epstein’s apparent suicide in federal prison over the weekend while under suicide watch.

Scarborough, who floated a Russian conspiracy theory over the weekend, said Epstein’s death is something seen from “mob cases,” adding President Donald Trump and the Department of Justice “have a lot to answer for” on what happened.

“This is what we did see in mob cases,” Scarborough stated. “It makes no sense. There’s no way that the Justice Department should have left this man sitting in that jail cell by himself, and there is no explanation that the attorney general, there’s no explanation the bureau of prisons can give. There’s no explanation that anyone can give to explain why he was. And whether that launches a million conspiracy theories or not, this attorney general and this president have a lot to answer for.”

“You’re talking about a man who had information on some of the most powerful people in this country over the past quarter-century and you can’t keep him alive? I mean, the attorney general should’ve bent over backwards given Donald Trump’s own past with Jeffrey Epstein, his own relationship with Jeffrey Epstein,” he later added.

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