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Schmidt: ‘No Question’ Trump Was ‘Incapacitated’ — 25th Amendment Should Have Been Invoked


Former 2008 McCain presidential campaign manager Steve Schmidt said Tuesday on MSNBC’s “Deadline” that former President Donald Trump was “incapacitated” at the end of his term. Thus, the 25 Amendment should have been invoked.

Anchor Nicolle Wallace said, “It strikes me as a catastrophic failure that Donald Trump was left in office by the people who around him were so terrified by what they saw in his— it’s described as mania by Woodward and Costa. I think it just begs all sorts of questions about what he was doing in command of the nation’s nuclear arsenal.”

Schmidt said, “There is no question, Nicolle, that he was unfit and that he met every standard that you could have ever possibly thought through for invocation of the 25th Amendment and to be relieved of duty because he was incapacitated.”

He continued, “I do think that history will likely regard General Milley as an honorable man but what this represents is a shattering of civilian-military relations in this country.”

He added, “I don’t blame General Milley for any of this in as much as I blame Donald Trump after years of vandalism, the near-collapse of the government of the United States.”

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