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Search still on for sniper who shot sheriff’s deputy in California



Police in Los Angeles County are searching for a sniper who shot a sheriff’s deputy on Wednesday night from a four story apartment complex.

The sheriff’s deputy, 21-year-old rookie Angel Reinosa, reported that he was shot in his ballistic vest just before he had planned to remove it. Reinosa reported that the shooter was able to fire two rounds at him before fleeing the scene.

The apartment complex is known to house mentally ill offenders and is a frequent stop on sheriff’s patrol. A resident described the building as “kinda scary” and noted that there is no normal security on patrol.

Reinosa was not injured because he was wearing his vest at the time of the incident. He was treated and released at a local hospital with no puncture wounds. “Think about what happened here — a sniper took out one of our deputies,” said mayor of Lancaster, California, R. Rex Parris at a press conference. “And the only reason that deputy is alive is because he had his vest on.”

“It’s not just a four-story apartment building, it’s a four-story apartment building that is government subsidized for mentally ill people,” the mayor also said. “I mean, let’s call it what it is. Why do you put mentally ill people in a four-story apartment building across from the sheriff’s department?”

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