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Wednesday, October 20, 2021
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See Why ‘You Can’t Watch This’ Will Be The Most Banned Documentary Ever


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Alex Jones explains the dangers of telling the truth in a technocrat-captured society

You Can’t Watch This, a bombshell documentary that reveals the damage done to society by Big Tech censorship, is available now exclusively at InfowarsStore.com.

Because of the unprecedented level of censorship we predicted was coming, it’s more important than ever to possess your own hard copy of this groundbreaking documentary for your archives because this will be constantly removed from the internet due to its powerful message.

In this clip of the film, Alex Jones breaks down how his journey from radio host-truth teller to the most banned individual in the world online.

Watch the official trailer below:

Don’t wait! Buy your hard copy of You Can’t Watch This, available exclusively at InfowarsStore.com, and find out why Big Tech wants the truth silenced!

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