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Sen. Chris Murphy: ‘No Comparison’ Between Comments Made By Maxine Waters, Other Democrats And Trump


Democratic Connecticut Sen. Chris Murphy said there is “no comparison” between incendiary comments made by California Rep. Maxine Waters and other Democrats and those made by former President Donald Trump.

During an appearance on “Fox News Sunday,” Fox News anchor Chris Wallace asked Murphy about Republican Kentucky Sen. Rand Paul’s contention, made earlier on the show, that Democrats have a double-standard when it comes to incendiary comments made by their own.

Paul in particular brought up the fact that Waters once openly told people to harass Republican officials in public.

“Is that incitement?” Wallace asked Murphy after playing the clip of Waters in 2018. “Should that be sanctioned?”


“There is no comparison,” Murphy said flatly. “This was an effort to overturn an election, in and of itself an unconstitutional endeavor. This was a crowd of tens of thousands of people.”

The Connecticut senator suggested that Trump “had access to intelligence” that allowed him to know what was about to happen and “had the ability to turn them around and he didn’t.”

“The circumstances are completely different,” he continued. “The president’s responsibility is completely different, especially as the actual attack was happening. I just think these are all false equivalencies by Republicans that don’t want to face facts.” (RELATED: ‘Heartless’: Liz Cheney Evaluates Biden’s Actions So Far In Office)

Murphy predicted a “bipartisan vote” that would ultimately convict Trump.

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