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Sen. Daines to Newsmax TV: Iran Paying $30M a Month to Crack Israel’s ‘Iron Dome’


The worst outbreak of Israeli-Palestinian violence since 2014 has entered its second week as militants in the blockaded Gaza Strip continue their rocket fire.

Sen. Steve Daines, R-Mont., on Newsmax TV said, “let’s not forget what’s the source of the dollars for those Hamas rockets. It’s Iran, according to some reports, Iran is funneling $30 million a month for intelligence right now to help Hamas figure out more about the Israeli anti-missile batteries, this “Iron Dome.”

Daines continued, “And let’s not forget what’s happened here, as well, you’ve got President Biden, who now wants to reenter that horrible Iran deal, that’s just emboldening the Iranians to say let’s go back now and take the Hamas terror organization and start launching these rockets, and by the way, those rockets coming from Lebanon that’s Hezbollah. That’s another Iranian terrorist organization.”

The attack on Israel “is all about Iran that is working through Hamas and Hezbollah,” Daines told Wednesday’s “Spicer & Co.”. “So, this is all about Iran that is going after the Israelis there via Hamas.”

“Our key ally in the Middle East is Israel. it was a month into Biden’s term before he even reached out to Prime Minister Netanyahu,” he said, so the relationship is tenuous.

“Here’s the truth, he added, if Hamas and the Palestinians threw all of their weapons into the sea, there would be peace with Israel.”

“If the Israelis, threw all their weapons into the sea, they would be destroyed. That’s the difference and… that’s the truth of what’s happening right now in that conflict.”

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