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Senator John Kennedy puts it straight – Biden wants open borders [Video]


Sometimes the news really is simple. This is one such case.

Actions speak with great power. Imposter Joe Biden’s actions proclaim to the world that the United States, in his view, has no right to its sovereign borders.

Senator John Kennedy of Louisiana is perhaps one of the most clever men in that legislative body. He has a knack for making the complex extremely understandable without using tired and overused five-second soundbites. No, he has his own original five second soundbites and they are actually fun to listen to. Here, he talks about how Joe the Evil Grandpa Biden wants the US to have open borders, which is not news to anybody watching and following the developments on the US-Mexico border. He makes it news though when he lists countries that do have border walls, a list which was quite surprising to me:

  1. France – The Calais border barrier to keep illegals out of Great Britain
  2. Saudi Arabia – a 500 mile border wall with Iraq
  3. Bulgaria – a border barrier to prevent illegals crossing from Turkey
  4. Morocco – Polisario border berm and a border wall with a Spanish city in North Africa
  5. Israel – a 400 mile border wall with the Palestinian territories

I did a lookup to see how many other countries have or are building border barriers that are essentially walls. The map below shows the countries that have such walls in orange:

Pretty surprising? The following list from the same site shows what countries have walls as of this year. In some cases, both sides of a given border may have their own barriers built; this may be why the list seems redundant, with both countries named who share any given border barrier.

Country Wall Name Length (Km) Length (Mi)
Afghanistan Pakistan-Afghanistan barrier 2,670 1,659.06
Bangladesh India-Bangladesh barrier 3,268 2,030.64
Botswana Botswana-Zimbabwe 500 310.69
Brunei Brunei-Malaysia 20 12.43
Bulgaria Bulgaria-Turkey barrier 30 18.64
China China-Hong Kong 32 19.88
Croatia Hungary-Croatia barrer 41 25.48
Cyprus Green Line 180 111.84
Egypt Egypt-Gaza barrier 3.10 1.93
Estonia Estonia-Russia barrier 108 67.10
Greece Greece-Turkey border 200 124.27
Hong Kong China-Hong Kong 32 19.88
Hungary Hungary-Serbia barrier 175 108.74
India India-Bangladesh barrier 3,268 2,030.64
Iran Iran-Pakistan barrier 959 595.90
Iraq Kuwait-Iraq 193 119.93
Israel Israel-West Bank barrier 708 439.93
Kazakhstan Kazkhstan-Uzbekistan 45 27.96
Kuwait Kuwait-Iraq 193 119.93
Kyrgyzstan Uzbek-Kyrgyzstan barrier 870 540.59
Lebanon Israel-Lebanon barrier 11 6.84
Libya Libya-Tunisia 460 285.83
Malaysia Brunei-Malaysia 20 12.43
Mexico Mexico-United States border 1,000 621.37
Morocco Ceuta border fence 8 4.97
Mozambique Kruger National Park 120 74.56
Myanmar India-Myanmar barrier 1,624 1,009.11
North Korea Chinese-Korean border fence 1,416 879.86
North Macedonia North Macedonia-Greece barrier 30 18.64
Norway Norway-Russia border barrier 200 124.27
Oman United Arab Emirates-Oman barrier 410 254.76
Pakistan India-Pakistan barrier 550 341.75
Palestine Israel-West Bank barrier 708 439.93
Russia Estonia-Russia barrier 108 67.10
Saudi Arabia Saudi-Yemen barrier 75 46.60
Serbia Hungary-Serbia barrier 175 108.74
Slovenia Sloveania-Croatia barrier 220 136.70
South Africa Kruger National Park 120 74.56
South Korea Korean Demilitarized Zone 248 154.10
Spain Ceuta border fence 8 4.97
Syria Turkey-Syria border barrier 828 514.50
Thailand Malaysia-Thailand border 650 403.89
Tunisia Libya-Tunisia 460 285.83
Turkey Bulgaria-Turkey barrier 30 18.64
Ukraine Ukraine-Russia barrier 2,000 1,242.74
United Arab Emirates United Arab Emirates-Oman barrier 410 254.76
United States Mexico-United States border 1,000 621.37
Uzbekistan Kazkhstan-Uzbekistan 45 27.96
Yemen Saudi-Yemen barrier 75 46.60
Zimbabwe Botswana-Zimbabwe 500 310.69

Still, this list is surprising because I had no idea so many countries have such structures. Certainly the American narrative makes it sound like almost nobody would do such a primitive, barbaric act, but many of the countries on this list are highly developed European nations, and of course, Saudi Arabia has more money than God, so it is not all about Iron Curtains and keeping people in – it is also about preserving sovereignty of given nation states.

Most notably, Hungary has moved in a very Christian conservative direction in recent years, and they were took action when the Middle Eastern refugees stormed Europe – Hungary said – “not here you don’t.” While the European Union government howled its woke disapproval, Hungary told them where they could stick their criticism and they maintain their wall.

Admittedly, some nations constructed sort of “prisons” for their own people, such as North Korea against South Korea, or China againt Hong Kong, but not everyone has this motive. Spain has a border fence around one of its North African cities to keep Moroccoan illegals out.

For Joe Biden and the Woke Monsters, walls are evil. For many Americans, the spectres of the Berlin Wall and the Iron Curtain are easy ghosts to make American people feel uneasy about a wall. Yet, as we see here, these are practical means of insuring border security. They enforce immigration law when officers cannot be on site to do it.

With this recent report above from the US Mexico border noting refugees flowing in from Haiti, non-American countries and so on, it seems a good idea to have our nation’s wall finished, and as a mainstey of America First border policy – just the same as Hungary has a “Hungary First” border policy, or any other such nation in the world.

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