Home Headlines Skip Bayless Claims ‘Black Players’ Have ‘Turned’ On Baker Mayfield

Skip Bayless Claims ‘Black Players’ Have ‘Turned’ On Baker Mayfield


Fox Sports host Skip Bayless claimed that he has heard from a “very good source” that the “black players” of the Browns have “turned” on their QB Baker Mayfield.

“He [Mayfield] did a couple of sit-down interviews in which he said, ‘yea, we have some issues in our locker room,’” Bayless explained Friday during his show with Shannon Sharpe, “Skip And Shannon: Undisputed.”  (RELATED: David Hookstead Is The True King In The North When It Comes To College Football)

“He didn’t go into specifics,” he added. “I have a very good source there, who told me that several of the black players, the better black players, let’s call them the Black leaders on the team, have turned on Baker because they love [Odell Beckham Jr.].” (RELATED: REPORT: Baker Mayfield Might Ask To Be Traded If Cleveland Doesn’t Make Changes)


“Cleveland will exhaust every possible avenue and try to look for a quarterback. Aaron Rodgers, Russ, Deshaun, any QB they feel is an upgrade. Baker is trying to beat them to the punch.”

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— UNDISPUTED (@undisputed) January 7, 2022

“They just blame Baker for Odell’s departure,” Bayless continued. “Like, ‘we lost him because of you?’ In the end, it came across like you couldn’t click with him and he had to go and now he’s a Ram … they’re in awe of his talent obviously. It didn’t reach fruition with Baker for whatever reason.”

Bayless’ remarks stem from a larger conversation about how the Cleveland quarterback Mayfield had levied an accusation against a Browns beat writer, Mary Kay Cabot. Mayfield accused Cabot of writing a “click bait” headline on a possible trade due to alleged tensions between him and Browns head coach, Kevin Stefanski.

Bayless said the tension allegedly started after Odell was released more than two months ago. He also argued that if Mayfield has lost half the locker room over recent events, Cleveland is “not a winning place” for him.


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