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Smoking Gun Evidence: Epstein Was Murdered – See the Most Censored Show in the World


Plus, experts agree: the US & China are now at war!

The Alex Jones Show –

August 13, 2019

Reports are pouring in revealing that Epstein was yelling in pain in his cell the morning he died! Americans are now waking up after hearing the ‘official’ narrative of Epstein’s death! Share this link!

In other news, the powder keg that is China is coming to a flashpoint in Hong Kong’s airport as riot police are clashing with protesters who have been disrupting all flights for the second day in a row! Don’t miss a minute of this live broadcast!

Hong Kong havaalanında polis ve göstericiler arasında çok sert çatışmalar yaşanıyor.

-Polisler göstericilerden bildiğiniz dayak yiyor. pic.twitter.com/NWWIz1av0R

— Nurettin Akçay (@akcay_nuri) August 13, 2019

Alex Jones Show mirror:

The Alex Jones Show | Tuesday August 13, 2019 #AlexJones https://t.co/nry3rSO5ya

— Kris Blough (@stopglobalism1) August 13, 2019

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Shrieking and Shouting Heard From Epstein's Cell the Morning He Died

Electronics Were Removed From Epstein's 'Pedo Island' Before FBI Raid

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