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SMS FREEDOM and NYT Afghan bounty hoax


Patricia P Tursi, Ph.D.

Where are you? What country?

Helga I. Fellay

David Robertson

I live in a small town of about 70,000 population in Canada. The restrictions implemented here are much the same as in other Western nations: masks, social distancing, limitations on assembling together, staying at home. Most are complying with these, as one would expect of Canadians, who tend to be an obedient folk. I come from a different culture,Scotland, have a relatively high IQ, am advanced in age and have followed the actions of the global ruling families for about 16 years. So I am in a better position than most to see what is actually happening, what is really… Read more »


Yes, it does seem a bit odd what they are doing in Cyprus. Even odder that Mr Christoforou should comply. But, if you set up in Cyprus for tax reasons, then hey ho, off you go. I live in your homeland, Scotland, Davie. Most restrictions are limited and are largely unenforced. I go into shops without a mask. If challenged, I just say that I am exempt. That suffices. The only time I wear a mask is when I am on public transport. This is not to cause trouble for the drivers, who might be put on a disciplinary charge… Read more »

Helga I. Fellay

David, try not to be so judgmental. Don’t assume that someone who is in the prime of life and working hard at making a living can take silly chances that you are able to take and get away with. Don’t assume that because you have followed politics for 16 years, others who make different decisions than you make must therefore be “less well informed.” Restrictions, as well as their enforcement, vary from country to country, from region to region, from city to city, from parts of each city to other parts. One police chief may order his men to arrest… Read more »

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