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SNL Star Fired For Old Jokes Practically Predicted His Own Fate With This Sketch


Fired “Saturday Night Live” star Shane Gillis practically predicted that his past comments would lead to him being fired in an old comedy sketch.

In the clip shared on Twitter Tuesday, the bit on a comedy series called DWECK show dated Aug. 29, 2018, opens with a fake reporter standing on the street in front of a burned out building that left “one firefighter” Gillis, a hero because he saved a family of four from the blaze. (RELATED: Dave Chappelle Faces Backlash From Many On The Left For His Latest Comedy Sketch)


WOW: @ShaneMGillis predicted his own firing a year ago.pic.twitter.com/Dp2sV3UT8z

— Liz Wheeler (@Liz_Wheeler) September 17, 2019

As the “reporter” turns his mic toward Gillis and appears to be asking him about the fire, the reporter pulls out a phone and wants to know if a photoshopped picture of Gillis’ character wearing a MAGA hat is indeed him and then said that “we have an unnamed source claiming you may, in fact, be a white supremacist.” (RELATED: SNL Creator Lorne Michaels Sends Pete Davidson Away To Get Help Following Suicide Scare)

As the “firefighter” appears to be completely blindsided by the question, he continues to try talking about the fire and what he did to help the family when he is corrected by the reporter and must deal with more questions of being a racist.

“I just saved an entire family up there,” Gillis replied. “And not that it matters at all, but those were Mexicans.”

“The family was in fact, Guatemalan,” the reporter interjected, before the bit turned to a phone interview with the firefighter’s pretend buddy named Barry Craine.

Craine proceeds to share a screenshot of a supposed text conversation with the reporter that went on between the comedian’s firefighter character and Barry.

On the screen it showed a message from Gillis’ character texting, “Y’all, the n word blurred out, wanna get pancakes.”

Lastly we see, one of the character’s playing a family member who had been saved praising and hugging the firefighter only to then back away from him as the “reporter” informs the victim that Gillis’ character is a “known racist.”

As previously reported, Shane was fired Monday after being hired by “SNL” as one of its new writers over past comment in his comedy routines that were “racist,” “sexist” and “homophobic,” per Variety.