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Some things get better with age…



Some things get better with age… …the Democrats’ comments about impeachment from 1998 have not.

Let’s take a trip down memory lane. During the Clinton impeachment proceedings:

  • Rep. Jerry Nadler routinely blasted impeachment complaining “they have been persecuting this President since the day he took office because they cannot abide the thought that we could have a President fighting for us.”
    • News flash: Nancy Pelosi has admitted that Democrats have been bent on impeachment for over 2.5 years.
  • Then Rep. Chuck Schumer complained that impeachment was not bipartisan. And said “We are routinely using criminal accusations and scandal to win the political battles and ideological differences we cannot settle at the ballot box.”
    • News flash: There is Democrat opposition to impeachment.
  • Rep. Maxine Waters said impeachment was a “coup d’état” because “they are trying to do with this impeachment what they were unable to do at the ballot box” and called on Congress to “stop the madness” and “to get on with the work of the American people.”
    • Yep. That’s what’s going on now.
  • Rep. Zoe Lofgren said that moving forward on impeachment “on a partisan basis … will do damage to our country.”
    • Only Democrats support impeaching President Trump.
  • Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee blasted impeachment based on “very insignificant” facts and no violations of the Constitution.
    • Today, the facts aren’t on the Democrats’ side.
  • Rep. Barbara Lee said impeachment was an “attempt to undo a government that is duly elected by the people.”
    • What changed?

Two further points as today’s Rules Committee hearing goes on.

  1. Rules Committee Vice Chair Rep. Alcee Hastings was impeached in 1988 for “conspiracy, bribery, perjury, falsifying documents, thwarting a criminal investigation, and undermining the public confidence ‘in the integrity and impartiality of the judiciary.’” Talk about a conflict of interest for Democrats.
  2. Even Democrat voters are rejecting impeachment. A new CNN poll found that since November support for impeachment amongst Democrats has DROPPED by 13 points.

Stop The Madness. Despite Democrats’ 2.5 year political smear campaign, President Trump leads EVERY 2020 Democrat according to the new USA Today/Suffolk poll and multiple other polls show that the American people do not support impeachment. In 2020, the American people will let the Democrat Party know their displeasure with the fact impeachment has been weaponized by one party for political gain.