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Soros, Clinton Foundation behind Antifa and Black Lives Matter [Video]


We often run videos with our newspieces because we know that while a picture is worth a thousand words, a video is truly worth thousands of pictures. We offer a simple, unprofessional video gleaned from Facebook, from a source called “Sergeant StickItTooYa” which despite its use of profanity, offers a very simple, clear analysis of how the riots and demonstrations around the world are being run and directed. The usual players, George Soros and the Clinton Foundation have been noted elsewhere, from Russian sources and in my recent pieces, but this video offers a concise way of looking at all that information.

This video does come with a parental advisory. Unless you want your kids hearing the “F” word, do not let them see this.

Inherent in the analysis is the loose coordination between the Soros / Clinton source of the violent attacks and riots and most of the media outlets, which are also owned by leftists who ally themselves in some way with their leaders. However it should be noted that Fox News, while somewhat outside that net, is nevertheless dragged along by it, since a decision for Fox to ignore the riots would lead to a ratings flop.

However, the dragging effect goes much farther. Most public figures are on the record calling George Floyd’s killing a terrible / horrible / cruel act, and in so doing they give credence to the narrative that Floyd was in fact killed by asphyxiation and not by a possibly drug-related heart attack, as the original Medical Examiner report stated. Floyd’s body had fentanyl and methamphetamine in it, and yet this information is hardly noted by anyone in the “mainstream.”

The Clinton Foundation is very good at its job. At least, sometimes.

This is an extremely clever bit of media manipulation by the agencies running this whole charade. When your opposition has to speak on your terms, you have won. This happened with the “Russian election  meddling” fiasco as well, where almost every single public commentary insisted that “the Russians did interfere with the 2016 election”, though there was no proof of this beyond the silly reports of a St Petersburg internet troll farm that put out ridiculously stupid graphics which largely reflected real issues important to American voters. There was no effective interference, but hardly any of the main guys will say this unless the viewer is very, very lucky.

The Floyd riots are the same. This is not outrage over the death of a black man. It is largely driven by white activists who have successfully (for now) seized the media and political powers and pushed them where they wanted them to go. It is truly pathetic to watch, as expressions of “contrition” which are as false as the charge itself, are repeated again and again across our media, all with that inglorious goal of deceiving all people and all nations.

Saul Alinsky would be proud if he were still alive. He probably regrets it now, though.

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