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Superstar Zoe Kravitz Says She Played Catwoman As Bisexual In New ‘Batman’ Movie


Superstar Zoe Kravitz said she played Catwoman as bisexual in the new “The Batman” movie alongside Robert Pattinson, who plays the caped crusader.

In one part in the upcoming movie, the 33-year-old actress, who takes on the legendary role of Selina Kyle/Catwoman, goes to her apartment looking for her friend Anika and calls out to her “baby,” Pedestrian.TV reported, suggesting the two were more than just friends.

“That’s definitely the way I interpreted that, that they had some kind of romantic relationship,” Kravitz told Variety on Tuesday. (RELATED: Superman Is Bisexual Now As DC Comics Set To Debut Same-Sex Relationship For Hero’s Son)

In another part of the superhero film, Zoe’s character and Pattinson have a steamy moment as the two kiss. (RELATED: Clark Kent makes a major life change in new ‘Superman’)

When pressed further about this, the superstar actress said she agreed with reporter who reportedly expressed joy over the legendary character being bisexual, the outlet noted.

The Batman’ director Matt Reeves appeared to support Zoe’s interpretation of her character and told the outlet  Selina and Anika have an “intimate relationship.”

“And in terms of her relationship with Anika, I spoke to Zoë very early on and one of the things she said which I loved was that: ‘She’s drawn to strays because she was a stray and so she really wants to care for these strays because she doesn’t want to be that way anymore, and Anika is like a stray and she loves her,” Reeves explained. “She actually represents this connection that she has to her mother who she lost, who was a stray anymore.’”

“So I don’t think we meant to go directly in that way, but you can interpret it that way for sure,” he added. “She has an intimacy with that character and it’s a tremendous and deep caring for that character, more so than a sexual thing, but there was meant to be quite an intimate relationship between them.”

“The Batman” opens in theaters nationwide March 4.


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