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Supplementary reading: How the US has used Ukraine [UPDATED]


Many people, particularly readers of The Duran, already know that Ukraine has been used by the US to try and provoke Russia. These events dominate Ukraine’s sad history over the years especially since 2014, and we offer a summary of these here.

This newspiece is being updated periodically, as we gather more information concerning the topic. We believe it is important to collect this information in one place, that it might be used to help address the topic openly and honestly. Many thanks to our readers who contributed information they know about as they also tracked this story.

[UPDATE] To better organize our history of this situation we are categorizing the events, as can be seen below:

In Ukraine itself

  • The Euromaidan was an American-driven ‘rebellion’, with US implants working in and with the Ukrainian government, like Victoria Nuland and Hunter himself.
  • Most of the activity the US did in Ukraine was masked by a media anxious to protect President Obama and the advance of world globalism.

In the Ukrainian Orthodox Church

  • Sam Brownback, United States Ambassador-at-Large for International Religious Freedom, helped Petro Poroshenko to illegally create a new Church structure, supposedly Orthodox, even endorsed and created by the money-starved Ecumenical Patriarch Bartholomew, for which $25 million reportedly appeared in the coffers at the Phanar in Constantinople.
  • That group immediately showed itself as a conduit for promoting LGBT lifestyles in Ukraine, using the trappings of an “Orthodox” church to give this legitimacy.
  • It did not matter that the new church structure was formed from two schismatic groups in Ukraine, groups that absolutely no one in the canonical Orthodox Christian world recognized before this action. (They still do not, nor has the new church been accepted by any other Church.)
  • This group could not even stick together for six months.
  • “Patriarch” Filaret Denisenko proved that even a broken clock can be right once or twice a day, breaking his schismatic group away from the new structure and going his own way.

In Crimea

Viable Opposition is a blog that offers some very interesting information about the US’ activity against Russia and regarding Ukraine. The policies enacted regarding these two countries are inextricably linked. This quote below offers background into the present steps taken regarding Crimea (emphasis added in some places both by the writers from Viable Opposition and The Duran).

[Here are] three reasons why [Russian Foreign Minister, Sergey] Lavrov believes that Washington imposed sanctions on Russia back in 2014:

The main reason behind the sanctions is, first, to punish Russia for its independent foreign policy. As President Putin said more than once, the US ruling class now understands that the 1990s were an anomaly, and the traditions of Russian civilisation, history, self-sufficiency, its multi-ethnic and multi-layered structure prevailed. The genetic code of our nation didn’t go anywhere. Certain US politicians, including those who tied President Trump’s hands, not allowing him to deliver on his campaign promises to normalise and improve relations with Russia, are still unable to accept this fact.

The second reason is unfair competition and an attempt to gain competitive advantages by using sanction pressure methods.

The third, more global, reason is the realisation of the irreversible nature of the processes leading to a polycentric world order, where many more than one or two states have strong influence on the global economy and politics. This realisation is not expressed in the desire to establish new forms of functioning of the world order with many, not just two poles or one pole. It manifests itself in an effort to slow down these processes, part of which is the sanction pressure. After all, sanctions are applied to China as well. If we classify increased tariffs as sanctions, I won’t be able to name a single more or less important country on the planet that is not currently hit by the US sanctions.

For some background, let’s look back at what happened in 2014.  On March 16, 2014, the legislature of the Autonomous Republic of Crimea and the local government of the city of Sevastopol held a vote on whether the population of Crimea wanted to join Russia and separate from Ukraine in light of the fact that the Supreme Council of Crimea’s claim that the new interim government in Ukraine (after the ousting of Viktor Yanukovych) was illegitimate.  Prior to the vote and while it was taking place, Russia soldiers were present on the peninsula.  A total of 83.1 percent of eligible voters voted in the referendum with an overwhelming 96.77 percent of voters voting in favour of secession from Ukraine and integration of the region into the Russian Federation.  The United States (among others) declared the referendum as illegitimate and illegal under international law and, as a result, President Obama declared sanctions against Russia and Crimea starting on March 6, 2014, more than a week before the referendum took place…

But is Ukraine completely lost as a globalist puppet? Maybe not.

There are more reasonable forces in Ukraine, and they seem to have scored a victory by electing a comedian, Volodymyr Zelensky, to the country’s presidency. This is a fascinating case of Life imitating Art, as Zelensky actually portrayed a high school history teacher who unexpectedly becomes President of Ukraine after being shown demonstrating against government corruption. He appears to be carrying out what his character did, for real. He has since stopped efforts to pressure the Moscow-based Ukrainian Orthodox Church, and in the week of September 23, 2019, he is playing a significant role in the political career of US President Donald Trump regarding the corruption surrounding former Vice President Joe Biden and his son Hunter.

Why does Ukraine matter so much?

The reason for all this interference was simple. Because, Russia. The United States and the Ecumenical Patriarch each have their own axes to grind with Russia, for reasons real and fancied, and this unholy alliance was intended to marginalize Russia and its Church one way or another, but with atheist Volodomyr Zelensky’s winning the presidency in Ukraine, he, too, showed wisdom by taking the government of Ukraine completely offline with regard to Church affairs.

In the quote from Foreign Minister Lavrov shown above we see much of the reasons for the US’ attempts to marginalize Russia and cut it off from rising power and influence in the world. But the struggle is more than political, it is essentially the execution of secular globalism as the New World Order.

US policy toward Russia has been notably hostile since at least the 2014 Olympic games, when President Vladimir Putin made it clear that homosexuals were not to be allowed around children during the Games. For the globalist aligned, like President Obama and many other European leaders, this was an absolute outrage. For the globalist and secular humanist faithful, such a move was considered backward and barbaric, not aligned with “progress.” Thankfully, they were exactly right. Russia is not interested in that sort of progress. She is interested in reclaiming her place as a Christian nation, governed by Christian principles in all areas of life from social to geopolitical. This is what spurred the multi-year ostracization of the Russian Federation, and it is also what has been primarily responsible for the efforts to neutralize President Trump, as well as the effort to get rid of him.

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