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Tesla Spontaneously Combusts In A Repair Shop In Hangzhou, China


A Tesla that was sitting on a rack waiting for repair in Hangzhou, China suddenly caught fire yesterday morning, according to Chinese media. The Hangzhou Fire Command Center received a fire alarm call and responded to find a Tesla “hanging in the air” and on fire.

The incident took place at 1:45 AM on August 18 when the Hangzhou Fire Command Center received a report that a Tesla repair shop had smoke coming from it. The fire department dispatched three vehicles to the incident, which was located in the Jiangnan Building Materials Market on Binkang Road, a Tesla authorized spray center called Hangzhou Xincheng Express Cat Auto Service Co., Ltd.

When the firefighters arrived, they found that the building was full of smoke and there was poor visibility. They saw “an open flame and black smoke” under the hood of a Tesla. The “meter box” next to the Tesla was also on fire.

The fire was extinguished about an hour and a half later at 3:13 local time.

While the specific cause of the fire remains under investigation, the Tesla’s engine is the initial suspect. The entrance wall at the repair shop was reportedly “blackened by smoke”.

5/ A $TSLA car owner who lives nearby, Mr Wang, came over in the morning after hearing about the news in his WeChat group. “I brought my car in on Monday for service & was supposed to get it back yesterday, I was busy & unable to come, didn’t expect a fire to happen.”$TSLAQ

— just another patsy (@jzanotherpatsy) August 19, 2019

This marks yet another spontaneous combustion incident where bystanders barely escaped injury or death – there were reportedly apartments upstairs at the repair shop and “many rental households”. The report does not include details on any injuries and an investigation is ongoing. 

This isn’t the first spontaneous combustion event that has happened in China this year. Back in April, we reported on stunning video that had surfaced of a Tesla catching fire and exploding, while parked.

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