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Submitted by Steve Brown…

Benjamins talk… and Miriam Adelson is more than happy to allow the President of the United States to do the talking. And do the talking Mr Trump did, at the Diplomat Beach Resort meet-up of the Israeli American Council this weekend in Hollywood, Florida.

Miriam Adelson’s sponsorship of the Israeli American Council over AIPAC is an interesting development, perhaps because AIPAC is considered too liberal to suit the Adelson view? …one can only surmise. Or perhaps AIPAC is no longer the flavour of the month for hedge fund trillionaires, and the quest for billionaire patronage to powerful US politicians could well be at the heart of the AIPAC v IAC issue.

Regardless, the president blustered and joked his way through a long disjointed mix of Palestinian-bashing and general adulation for the US-Israeli Axis, beginning with congratulations to his son Jared for the failed ‘deal of the century’ and then denouncing any and all Jews not sufficiently adulatory of the Nile-to-Euphrates agenda. The US president fell just short of invoking the wrath of Yahweh upon those who “do not love Israel enough”.

Trump then ritually cleansed himself – not with the ashes of a red heifer – but by proclaiming himself the ‘new Messiah’ for acquiescing to David Friedman’s demand that a ‘united Jerusalem’ be ruled by Hussar. Friedman being just one rising star of Third Temple adherents, saying that the historic concept of a united Jerusalem under a united political power as harbinger of global warfare and catastrophe is of course nonsense (eschatological Zionism excepted) a theory only pushed by the deranged leaders of countless countries that Messiah Trump has never heard of.

The president then mixed it up with a choice racist rant versus Native Americans and ‘Pocahontas’ saying that Warren is bad for the wealthy – and presumably for Hollywood Florida too — because she is only after wealthy folks’ money (taxes). So how does Ms Adelson feel about that?

But… don’t forget the warriors.  “Support the warriors!” Yes, those ‘warriors’ in US Congress who pay to maim, destroy, kill, thieve, and pillage on behalf of US taxpayers and King Dollar wherever in the world that destruction must occur. And none of whom have ever worn a uniform.

Then Miriam’s American consort cheered on the meaningless and illegal US “recognition” that the territory of a first party be given by a third party to the occupying second party (ie US recognition of the Israeli annexation of the Golan) saying it’s okay after all. Happy celebrations all about.

The fact that Israel illegally annexed the Golan in 1981 in defiance of UN Charter article 25 and all recorded international law is of course irrelevant to the IAC mindset, since it was all written long before Miriam’s Book of Trump was.

Now, what value would the US Messiah be without exhorting all listeners to wipe Iran off the map? Should that prove necessary and profitable of course. Miriam’s Book of Trump described how the United States destroyed an agreement entered into in good faith, gloated about the unrest the US subsequently sponsored in Iran and has underwritten, while documenting US-Israeli progress in a combined goal to destroy Iran’s economy and to destroy its people.

And what would the Adelson Book of Trump be without mentioning the US withdrawal from the United Nations Council on Human Rights due to the UNHCR’s condemnation of Israel’s genocide and brutality versus Palestinians?

Of course the brutality, cruelty, imperial hubris, and duplicity that is the core essence of US State foreign policy was demonstrated long ago implicitly and explicitly, excluding the US from the principles of the UNHCR declaration anyway. Being the very UN Declaration on Human Rights that errant US leaders – at least according to the president – proposed long ago in 1948. The Third Temple absolutely revels at the thought.

Of course, Miriam’s US consort didn’t forget to denounce the Boycott, Divest and Sanction (BDS) movement too. The president denounced all who support the right to Palestinian self-determination and who resist Israel’s cruel, brutal, racist, apartheid regime. Then, after a few words from the Messiah’s appointment Elan Carr, the US president laid on the guilt again saying that Jews who don’t ‘love Israel enough’ are of course traitors to their own ethnicity.

A notable absence to this Adelson Hollywood militarist Zionist lovefest was Netanyahu, despite Netanyahu’s reported desperate attempt to meet with Trump at the December 3rd NATO cocktail affair.  What gives? Likewise the Book of Trump was curiously silent about handing over “Judea and Samaria” (West Bank) and the Jordan Valley to Netanyahu’s JTF crew which may be significant. But no doubt that proposal will come later on when the president really does need the benjamins for his campaign.

Surprisingly, Miriam’s’ Book of Trump did not mention the US concession made to ‘settlers’ in the West Bank. The president did not mention the Kurds or the US failure in Syria. The US consort also failed to highlight the fact that he declined to attack Iran when the president’s controllers encouraged him to do so. Is it just that Mr Trump believes Hollywood’s IQ level is too low to comprehend this?

Central banker Fischer no doubt spoke to make peace with the US Messiah over Zionist ambitions, if not to make peace over world trade; while Deb Schultz submissively called for forgiveness and unity and understanding of the downtrodden victims of failed hedge funds and bankrupt private prison corporations.

But it was Trump who played the third Templers perfectly… er, well, almost. That’s because brief careless slips in the president’s address have drawn outrage from the Neoliberal Schumer camp. Casually interjecting that, “You’re brutal killers, not nice people at all, but you have to vote for me, you have no choice,” the president pushed the envelope a wee bit far even by his hosts’ standards.

But no doubt Trump thought who are we if we cannot laugh at our own failings as brutal killers and ruthless land thieves? ..er,, God’s “brutal” real estate agents?  Damn the outrage! Trillionaires know they have no other choice than to boost the president just as he said. The offhand remarks reflect an understanding and appreciation of the private humour used by this crowd, and such veiled deprecating humour has been effective before – without negative consequence.

Trump could be playing five-level chess based on these fleeting and careless remarks, but that’s doubtful. His callous disregard for human rights and predilection for US meddling in Gaza, Bolivia, Iran, Palestine, Venezuela, China, Yemen and elsewhere suggests that something else is afoot.

The point being that all US politicians know they can only succeed at the highest levels of hegemonic power by receiving the public blessing of the Nile-to-Euphrates camp. Put another way, as Trump pointed out in his speech, with the exception of their loyalty to Israel’s brutal regime, Zionists tend to consider themselves liberal on social matters and generally vote only for Democratic party candidates.

Even if the difference between the two parties is illusory, Mr Trump still needs billionaire support and Lobby votes to retain power. Trump must shift liberal pro-Israel voters from the Democratic party to the GOP where the most powerful billionaires like Adelson, Murdoch, Singer, and Mercer – all pro-Israel extremists – are hoping to sponsor an electoral shift.  Perhaps that is why Deb Doberman spoke at the IAC too.

Furthermore, Trump stated in his speech that he will not leave power in 2024 if re-elected in 2020, and he will need the support of Third Templer totalitarians – like the rising star of the IAC – to do that.

Meanwhile, Mr Trump’s long, patronizing, and rambling speech at the IAC provided plenty of platitudes to Third Templers. Even so, and despite all the above, the president provided little of real substance. He just continued the theme of US military support and funding to Israel to the tune of US taxpayer billions, and Trump’s pledge that the US will continue to look the other way whenever Israel’s Retribution State partakes in another grievous massacre of Palestinians.

In the end, we can construe a conclusion or two or more. Trump needs the money for 2020. He can care less about anyone except those who keep him in power with that money, and that’s why he shows up in Hollywood. Likewise, the president knows he has been treacherously setup in Impeachment-gate perhaps even by a few of the clever folks he so chummily addressed at the IAC.

But Mr Trump knows that as flawed as he is, the Democratic party is far worse. He knows that Dems have less to offer wealthy oligarchs like Adelson, Singer, Mercer, Marcus, etc and crew, and dems offer nothing different in terms of foreign policy. Trump knows that dems are a muddled mess and outright losers in the scheme of things being the identity politics swamp that the Democratic party has become.

Between the Neocons and Neoliberals, Trump knows there is no space. He knows that they are one and the same.  And so long as he can mock the system and play this corrupt Oligarchical game to the max, then Miriam’s Book of Trump has already been written, and the conclusion for next year has been foretold.

Steve Brown is the author of “Iraq: the Road to War” (Sourcewatch) editor of “Bush Administration War Crimes in Iraq” (Sourcewatch) “Trump’s Limited Hangout” and “Federal Reserve: Out-sourcing the Monetary System to the Money Trust Oligarchs Since 1913”; Steve is an antiwar activist, a published scholar on the US monetary system, and has appeared as guest contributor to The Duran, Fort Russ News, Herland Report, Lew Rockwell Report, The  Ron Paul Institute, and Strategika51.

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