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The deadly arrogance of grievance politics [Video]


If a picture is worth a thousand words, what is a six-minute video worth? A lot. Left-wing grievance politics and racism is proving to be not just stupid. It is proving to be truly fatal. Just ask anyone with a bit of sanity who is living in the plague-stricken Manhattan today. Watching the coronavirus numbers soar there from day to day is evocative of Stephen King’s The Stand. Thank God that Life is not fully imitating that great – and frightening – piece of Art.

Tucker Carlson has a gift for succinctly stating the truth. Tragically, he does it again here. It is not tragic that he is telling us real news, but the nearly 30,000 people in New York City alone who have contracted coronavirus, and the 450 who succumbed thus far (about 25% of the entire US death toll at this point) would probably have a thing or two to tell their mayor, Bill de Blasio and various other people that told them to “hug a Chinese person” or some other flower-children tripe.

See for yourself.

We probably knew that COVID would have astounding numbers in the US. Why? Because we report everything pretty accurately. Speculation still exists that China’s own numbers are being suppressed, but whether that is true or not, one advantage the Chinese Communists presently have is that they do not give a hoot about racism and grievance politics. If their reported numbers are indeed accurate (and there is increasing reason to believe that the are), it is probably because whatever else the Chinese draconian measures were, they included the notion that the virus and its containment are the problem, not hurting someone’s poor widdle feewings. I obviously have zero sympathy for leftism, but there is real reason for this.

I would never advocate for a Communist government, but the soft tyranny of bleeding-heart leftism is now actually traceable as a cause for killing people.

One wonders what post-COVID America is going to be like in terms of attitudes. One hopes that we would use this awful pandemic to start living in reality.

Those who are sick, those who are dying and those who will die would at least rest easier if they knew the rest of us learned our lessons from this plague. We all rightly need to repent of our foolishness and get back to the basics of the Christian culture we once lived in. Prayer, alignment with God instead of the Brotherhood of Man that socialism and communism promise. They cannot deliver their promise. The old ways are what have always lasted.

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