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The End Is Nigh For Jehovah


Last month, the decline of the Jehovah’s Witness cult was reported here. Things appear to have got worse since then. The leading anti-Witness activist Lloyd Evans has picked up another two thousand YouTube subscribers, while a former Witness has recently reported that in her unnamed city, seven of the nine Kingdom Halls are now permanently closed while the eighth is about to follow. This appears to be a nationwide phenomenon if not a worldwide one.

The Navarre Congregation in Wayzata, Minnesota is said to have been sold for $475,000; the building is now a Baptist church, while several congregations around Minneapolis are said to be “restructuring”.

Kingdom Halls were a bedrock of the cult, but now all or almost all meetings are being held on-line, and so is their proselytising. This can only be detrimental because it’s one thing to badger an unsuspecting householder on the doorstep, another entirely where a few clicks of the mouse can expose lies or in many cases complete nonsense.

The cult has been having an increasingly difficult time in Russia; it was labelled an extremist organisation in 2017, and this year some of its activists have received sentences of up to 9 years. This is strange, for while it is true Witnesses refuse to salute a national flag, they are totally opposed to war, which removes the terrorist label. They are also opposed unconditionally to homosexuality which they consider a sin; one would have expected that to endear them to not only the Russian authorities but to the governments of all former Eastern Bloc nations.

There are an estimated 175,000 Jehovah’s Witnesses in Russia. It would surely be more productive for the authorities to order them to attend an intensive course on the origins of their religion, pointing out its many absurdities, contradictions and outright lies. The Governing Body would be far more fearful of that because they would have no recourse to portraying themselves as a persecuted minority, which is what they are, granted that even fools can be persecuted. Lloyd Evans lives in Croatia, so perhaps he could volunteer his services to Vladimir Putin, him and a steadily increasing number of former followers of The Truth.

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