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The First Ever World Economic Reset.


The First Ever World Economic Reset.

In the last 1,000 years the human race have been governed & ruled by elite Bankers who have used their power & influence to take complete control of the world economy & create a corrupt fraudulent system.

Today US President Donald Trump  signed  “The War Powers Act.”

He is now in complete control of THE ECONOMIC RESET across the globe.

This is the most exciting & historic change to human society in 1,000 years.

It has the potential to change the world we live in from a cynical War & Fraud society into a planet which can reach out to others with faith & humility.

Obviously there are those in the Elite who want to “own the world” & control your every move.

And they will fight back with every weapon they have.

But the Alliance too have their armies & the weapons to fight back.

You are privileged to be alive & awake at this time of mortal combat, for we are fighting to save the planet & human society for our children.

If we lose our lives in this attempt  we will be proud to have fought in this battle.

Be wary of the Fake Main Stream Media, the United Nations, The World Health Organisation, NHS England, your local Sanctuary City Socialist Civil Servants & any other Globalist Socialist Parasites.

We may be attacked, we may be undefended, but we are not defeated.

Take Care.


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