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The Hammer (Superspy system) is the Key to the Coup


Very concise report on how the Coup / Russia Hoax was done and is already known in the circles involved. What I thought most interesting is the aspect of why there is so much dancing around the subject, with people trying and failing to cover there sides asses, when neither sides ass is that much to look at, if you see what I mean. Perhaps we should look less at the asses and appreciate the other aspects, if you see what I mean. I am referring to the defence or case to be made that each is preoccupied with, but the question remains, where are we going with this? Should we seek justice, truth, pardon or what?I am reminded by the naming of this system as the Hammer, that sometimes if you only have one tool, everything looks like a nail. The over-reliance on machine technology rather than human technology is a symptom of our times, but it is also a reflection of the paranoid times we went through after 9/11, where money was thrown in all directions to make Americans feel safe and leaving everybody in the world less safe.

When I read this, I immediately thought of The Duran, so here it is:https://theamericanreport.org/2019/11/10/the-hammer-is-the-key-to-the-coup/

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