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‘The Lamest Revolutionary Ever’: Tucker Explains Why ‘Weak’ Bernie Sanders Is ‘Secretly Enjoying’ Losing


Fox News host Tucker Carlson described why he thinks Democratic presidential candidate and Independent Cermont Sen. Bernie Sanders is “the lamest revolutionary ever” during his opening “Tucker Carlson Tonight” monologue.

Besides the fact that the Democratic Party establishment is clearly working against Sanders, Carlson argued for another “important reason” Sanders is losing the race:

“He is weak.”


“Sanders is a socialist bomb-thrower who praises Fidel Castro, but it’s mostly talk in the end,” Carlson said. “Underneath it all, Bernie Sanders may be the lamest revolutionary ever.”

The Fox News host documented Sanders’ acquiescence to former Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton in 2016 before pointing out the fact that history seems to be repeating itself because he hasn’t learned “a single thing.”

“Sanders got crushed on Super Tuesday,” Carlson said.

A candidate who actually wanted to win would have paused the day after to reassess his campaign. For Sanders, this week was the time to tell the truth about what is happening, what we’re all watching. The Democratic nominating system is rotten and corrupt. Biden himself clearly is not capable of governing the country — he’s not even capable of holding a press conference. The whole process is shocking. It’s a fraud, not to mention incredibly cynical and reckless. The establishment doesn’t care who the president is. They just want to make certain it is someone they can control who won’t raise their taxes. Sanders could have said all that, and he should have because it is true. Instead, he defended Joe Biden.

“It is pretty obvious that Sanders doesn’t want to win,” the Fox News host said after presenting his case for Biden’s “rapidly declining” faculties. “He’s a man who thinks it’s more noble to fail than to succeed. You are watching a professional loser. Sanders is all but admitting that now. He’s already promised to back Biden if Biden wins the nomination.”

“Real revolutionaries go to the wall for what they believe,” Carlson argued. “Bernie Sanders won’t even go to the convention.” (RELATED: ‘Sanders Hates The Country He Seeks To Lead’: Tucker Breaks Down Bernie’s ‘Radical Open Borders Policy’)

Carlson described how Sanders “stood aside like a scolded child” when demonstrators took his mic during a 2015 rally: “Imagine doing that yourself. Imagine how much self-loathing you would have. Would your kids even look at you in the face? Probably not.”

After bringing up Sanders’ recent apology for a supporter who called former Vice President Joe Biden “corrupt,” Carlson contended that he is likely “secretly enjoying it all.”

“Losing proves he is ideologically pure. He wants to. I feel sorry for his voters,” the Fox News host concluded. “Some of them thought this was a real campaign. The joke’s on them.”