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The Real Science: Covid Vaccine, Don’t Mess With Mother Nature!



The arrogance of the West to think they can control Mother Nature.  Viruses, climate change, sexuality, speech, risk, eliminate death, the arrogance is stunning.  The virtue signaling is shockingly ugly… really you think you know better than Mother Nature, the hand of God.

Geert Vanden Bossche tells us how our mass vaccination policy will be our own undoing from our own arrogance and cotton wool filled nests, created by the virtual signaling socialists.

How many masks does it take to stop a covid virus? non… they don’t!  How many lockdowns does it take to stop the covid virus?  non… they don’t!  That has be proven beyond doubt.

Instead you can help your immune system by taking vitamin D3, (most people are D deficient because you can only get it in enough quantities from strong sunlight between 10am to 3pm), Zinc, Quercetin and vitamin C.  There are other treatments, if used early enough, that can help weaken the virility of the infection so you won’t need hospitalization, isn’t that the point of the lockdowns!?! Except the lockdowns don’t work, but treating the disease does, and not by using Tylenol alone!  Ask India who provide all their citizens with access to a covid prevention kit as a prophylactic and a covid treatment kit costing $4.

I am disgusted with our governments, who will know about these treatments, but because of lobbying from pharma, or political reasons they have chosen to withhold this information.  They have been helped by the media, wall street, WEF and big tech, but why?  Money!

It isn’t a conspiracy, it is the system!  If the “real” people don’t raise the roof about it, then the professional lobbyists, AI trolls, and the big donors get their way by dictating the narrative and filling the pockets of corrupt politicians and the media.  That is who they work for because they are being bought. Only when you stop being complacent and start demanding that politicians and media actually represent you, the people, will they start taking decision in your best interest.  Until then, they will pretend they are, but really they are going along with the negative marketing because nobody is looking behind the curtain to see the backroom deals.

It isn’t just governments using AI trolls, it is big business trying to sway your opinion as it always has been… it is just the new negative marketing system that is underway.  They have AI trolls upvoting and trolls downvoting, because they understand that most people just follow the crowd, but manipulating the crowd is an old game that is just being done in a new way.  It is time to ask questions and not to trust stars, comments, histrionics, likes, dislikes, emotive faces, virtue signaling, or legacy media.  Do your own homework and trust your gut, Mother Nature gave it to us for a reason.

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