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The retirement of Keith Vaz


Submitted by George Callaghan…

Labour MP Keith Vaz retired from Parliament due a rent boy scandal. It was a sad end to a distinguished career. For the rent boy!

The end of Keith Vaz’s long and shameful career is overdue. This champagne socialist embodies the worst of Blairism and PC bigotry.

Vaz was filmed with these male prostitutes offering to supply drugs. Why has Vaz not been interviewed by the police? Why is it one law for the rich and another for the poor? If a working class person had done this he would be in prison. But because Vaz was an MP he got off scot free.

Furnishing class A drugs is a serious crime. People spend decades in prison for this.  I think that drugs should be legalized but Vaz has long campaigned for stiff penalties even for the possession of cannabis. Many petty drug peddlers are penniless teenagers from broken homes. They have few prospects and no role models. Vaz has no such excuse. This millionaire has plenty of qualifications. Although Vaz did not provide illegal drugs offering to do so is surely conspiracy.

As Minister for Europe Mr Vaz was a fanatic of the cause EU control. He endeavoured to effect the stealthily abolition of British independence. He told the most jaw dropping lies to the public. He claimed that the European Constitution had ‘as much legal significance as the Beano’. The man is a solicitor. If he does not know what a constitution is then he has no business calling himself a solicitor. When the United Kingdom voted to leave the EU it was unsurprising that Vaz strove might and main to prevent democracy taking its course.

Vaz has long hidden behind his colour. Whenever he was questioned about his grossly unethical behaviour he claimed that asking him reasonable questions was racist. Racism exists. It is disgraceful to false accuse others of racism in order to cover up one’s own unethical behaviour.

He was castigated by the Parliamentary Commissioner for his unethical behaviour and misleading answers. When Keith Vaz was invited on to the BBC to answer questions about the myriad scandals engulfing him he sent his solicitor. Vaz is a solicitor himself. It does not suggest innocence if even a legal professional thinks he cannot offer any plausible explanation for his own conduct. He misused a government ministry building for a private business meeting.

The Salman Rushdie affair showed Vaz’s true colours. In 1988 Rushdie published a contentious novel. Vaz has long been a sworn enemy of civil liberty. When the Satanic Verses was published he marched with Islamic extremists to demand that this novel be outlawed. Who did he want to run the UK? Was it Parliament or was an Islamic fundamentalist theocracy? The answer is obvious.  Mr Vaz called himself a Christian but became an advocate of the cause of Islamist extremism. He was in league with Iran, Saudi Arabia and Sudan – countries where the Christian faith is cruelly persecuted. But Vaz could not find it in his heart to speak up for his co-religionists. His opposition to civil liberty was made plain when he called for suspected criminals to be detained for months without trial.

The charge of Islamophobia has long been used to try to prevent scrutiny of Islam and Muslims. Islamophobia is a real thing – it is the unreasoning hostility towards all Muslims and anything that is Islamic. That is completely different from a fair-minded examination of Islam and criticism of certain Muslims for their gross misconduct. Vaz misused even the concept of Islamophobia. To make even the mildest criticism of anything Islamic was racist in his view. Almost as though he does not realise that Islam is not a race. This man does not have the excuse of stupidity.

In 1990 the IRA set off a bomb in Vaz’s Leicester East constituency. The explosion was at an army recruiting office. Without any evidence at all Vaz said the army stored explosive at the office.

It is all very well to profess Catholicism. But then a person should actually practice what he preaches. Vaz believed in Catholicism all except for the Catholicism bit. It was staggering to see him vote for abortion, vote for gay marriage, vote for nuclear weapons, vote for the Iraq War vote for keeping the minimum wage down and in fact vote for just about everything the Catholic Church was against. Blair did all this too. But at that time Blair did not claim to be a child of the Universal Church.

Currying favour with the superrich was one of Vaz’s pastimes. He interfered in the Hinduja affair trying to obtain preferential treatment for these billionaires. AT the same time he defended pernicious policies towards refugees. Vaz’s father died when Vaz was little. The Vaz family moved to the UK from Yemen when Vaz was a child. Keith Vaz exploited his father’s death in speeches to claim that he would never vindicate harsh policies towards refugees.

The staggeringly unethical behaviour of Keith Vaz knew no bounds. He brought his party in disrepute yet was not expelled from it. He did not declare conflicts of interest.

The socialist parliamentarian was the high priest of political correctness. But he made racist remarks about one of his Irish staffers.

Keith Vaz was a major stain on the record of the Labour Party. He will not be missed.

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