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The Rewards Of Race Hustling — Black Race Hustlers (1)


Even before the Biden Administration implemented its absurd policy of the ludicrous and toxic critical race theory, there were people the world over who would cry racism at every turn over the slightest thing, even when race had nothing to do with it. Have you ever wondered why these people make so much noise? There is no single reason, but a major one is that this kind of gaslighting is often well rewarded. It would take forever and a day to list all the race hustlers, but here are some of the better known ones, starting with blacks.

Diane Abbott is a well known MP in Britain. Well known for putting her foot in her mouth. Recently, she sounded off about the shooting of Sasha Johnson, insinuating that this young woman had been targeted for assassination on account of her politics when any denizen of South London could have told her this crime had nothing to do with politics, and sure enough the suspects arrested had criminal rather than political connections.

Dawn Butler: Like the much older Diane Abbott, Dawn Butler is an MP in Britain, and one who sees racism everywhere, and on at least one occasion, she invented it. Last year, she and a male friend were stopped by the police while driving. She videoed the encounter, and as you can see, she was literally delighted. The police stop countless vehicles throughout the UK every day, especially in London. Although they can be officious or overbearing at times, the chance of a motorist here being shot by a police officer – or vice versa – is negligible, unlike in the United States. But of course, they should only stop white drivers, right? Like Diane Abbott, she is well remunerated for her work as an MP, but to be scrupulously fair, her constant whining about racism brings her no financial rewards, only her name in print.

Patrisse Cullors: One of the co-founders of Black Lives Matter, she hit the headlines for all the wrong reasons when it was revealed she owned four fairly expensive properties outright, including one in an overwhelmingly white area of  Los Angeles. When called out, she told Mark Lamont Hill that any mention of this was “dangerous” as well as racist and sexist. She has since withdrawn from Black Lives Matter claiming it was time for her to move on, but many blacks – so-called progressives, conservatives, and the relatives of those killed by the police, have been making their displeasure known. Ordinary American blacks in particular have woken up to the fact the Blacks Lives Matter is nothing but a scam.

Jesse Jackson is a member of the old guard. An associate of Martin Luther King, he ran for President twice, but fortunately didn’t win either time. This year his net worth has been estimated at $9 million, not bad for a Baptist minister. He has though on occasion done something useful, including campaigning against the invasion of Iraq in the wake of the 9/11 attacks. Sadly, no one who mattered listened to him then, him or anyone else in the anti-war movement.

Doreen Lawrence is one of those people who had fame thrust upon her. On April 23, 1993, her son Stephen was murdered by a member of a street gang, all of whom were white. This story is a long one which has been related elsewhere, but basically, she and her husband Neville rejected interference from the so-called Antiracist Alliance that tried to make capital out of his death, then went on to blamed the police for failing to bring his killers to book. After their divorce, Neville faded from sight, but she now sits in the House Of Lords. After the Grenfell tower block fire in which over seventy people died, she insinuated that fire fighters would have reacted faster if the inhabitants had been white. She would later apologise for those remarks, which are par for the course when people are brainwashed or brainwash themselves into viewing everything through the prism of race.

Don Lemon: Talking head Lemon is an out homosexual, which means he is doubly oppressed according to the cult of intersectionality. According to Don, the greatest danger in America today comes from white men. In his dreams, perhaps. And in his bedroom.

Meghan Markle needs no introduction. Having somehow beguiled one of the most eligible bachelors in the world, she has turned a man who had willingly served on the front line in Afghanistan where he was a prime target for jihadis, into a whimpering beta male subservient to her every whim. Meghan is a Marmite type of person, either you love her or you hate her; and for her, anyone who doesn’t like her can be motivated by only one thing: racism. Although both extremely wealthy and one of the most privileged women who ever lived, she is first and foremost a victim. Unbelievable.

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