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The Rewards Of Race Hustling — Black Race Hustlers (2)


Michelle Obama: Whatever may be said of Barack Obama’s policies, the man has nearly as much charisma as Bill Clinton. When she was First Lady, Michelle Obama matched her husband, but of late she is almost as unlikeable as Hillary Clinton, although nowhere near as crooked. Like Meghan Markle, she is one of the most privileged women who ever lived, and also like her, she is first and foremost a victim.

In one of her interviews, probably more than one, she whined about the phenomenon of white flight. As blacks move into the neighbourhood, whites move out, and this can only be racism. That accusation appears to have some merit, until one realises that she and her husband now live in a luxury home in Martha’s Vineyard valued at nearly $12 million.

Ilhan Omar is a member of the so-called Squad, and by far the most intelligent, even if she does somehow manage to combine Islam with intersectional feminism while marrying both her own brother and a white dude. Unlike most American politicians she has not been afraid to cross swords with the Israel Lobby. Alas, she too sees racism everywhere, especially in the country that gave her sanctuary from Africa’s seemingly endless wars.

Joy Reid is one of the most odious talking heads on American television, and unlike Don Lemon, whose dumbness gives him a certain boyish charm, she has no redeeming features. She has an estimated net worth of four and a half million dollars, not bad for a woman who sees racism everywhere, but she is a Harvard alumnus. Like the rest of the mainstream media with the exception of Fox News, she jumped on the anti-Trump bandwagon. She has also poured scorn on Tim Scott, black Republicans being especially hated by her ilk, either ignoring or being ignorant of Scott’s business credentials.

Al Sharpton: Like Jesse Jackson, Sharpton is a man of the cloth; he has an estimated net worth of a million dollars, which is by no means excessive considering his age. He would probably be worth considerably more but for the 1987 Tawana Brawley incident which cost him more than mere money. Undeterred by that, wherever there was an allegation of police brutality or worse against blacks, Sharpton was there, though perhaps recalling the Brawley case, he was cautious about the Jussie Smollett hoax, and said if it indeed turned out to be so, Smollett should be held accountable to the full extent of the law.

Sharpton was if not a buddy of Donald Trump then was at least on good terms with him, but suddenly with Trump’s election campaign, he became the Devil Incarnate. Sharpton has also announced his support for homosexual marriage, something that will hardly have endeared him to the bulk of black Americans.

Marc Wadsworth is the founder of the Antiracist Alliance, the organisation Doreen Lawrence and her then husband rejected.  With supreme ignorance he condoned the obscene violence in Bristol and said the statue of Edward Colston had been “magnificently pulled down”. Again, this is the result of viewing everything through the prism of race.

Maxine Waters once implied that Ben Carson was an affirmative action hire, a strange claim to make about one of the most gifted surgeons who ever lived. This odious woman is well known and well disliked. She was once named one of the most corrupt people in Congress. with good reason. In spite of continued harping on about racism, she has done little or nothing for blacks or anyone outside of her small, elite circle.

Oprah Winfrey: It isn’t fair to call Oprah a professional race hustler, because she made her money on her own merits with a bit of luck as do most self-made people.  She has though recently pandered to woke nonsense as well as being taken in by the false accusers of Michael Jackson.

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is neither black nor white; she is in a class by herself. When she was elected as the youngest Member of Congress ever, most people thought she would brighten up politics. She certainly brightens it up by her looks, and by her clothing, but those are the limits of her attractions. Unlike Joe Biden, she can hardly blame senility for her constant gaffes: the White House, the Congress and the Senate are not the three branches of Government; Milton Keynes is a town in England, not a famous economist; and before the current outbreak of hostilities in the Middle East, she probably thought the occupation of Palestine was fishing.

With Alexandria, everything is about racism. Two years ago, she pulled an outrageous stunt in which she attempted to portray the detention facilities at the southern  border as the equivalent of Nazi concentration camps, but her outrage about the “kids in cages” was confined to the Trump Administration. To her, refusing to allow any and all “asylum seekers” to enter the country is “white supremacy”, and her ignorance was on full display when she was humiliated by Tom Holman.

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