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The US will disintegrate unless the Senate totally exposes corruption [Video]


The American news media is presently split between two “poles” of opinion regarding President Trump and the impeachment proceedings being brought against him.

The louder “pole” is held by the mainstream media outlets, CBS, ABC, NBC, PBS, as well as the declining but still significant cable outlets CNN, MSNBC and recently, the Drudge Report. All of these sources are aligned with an editorial bias strongly against President Trump. Supporting the President are parts of the Fox News Channel, Breitbart, Alex Jones and a number of other smaller pundits like Dr Steven Turley and of course, in large part, The Duran.

However, the pro-Trump “pole” is not as broad in its penetration into the homes of most Americans, and this is something I have observed in my extended time in the United States since late November of this year.

There is a real danger in the polarization at play here. The news media plays to its audience, and at no real time makes any attempt to honestly and dispassionately give attention or credence to the opposing points of view.

While it is true that many good anchors and reporters with Fox News do a good job presenting hard factual information, their error is in shouting down token liberals and trying to humiliate them for the gratuitous enjoyment of their viewers. For example, The Five, featuring four highly conservative voices and one liberal one, often create great and passionate delight in the token liberal getting taken down, every time, by the other pundits.

It needs to be understood that that token liberal, usually Juan Williams, is drawing pay from Fox for being taken down every time.

In other words, this is just entertainment, and it is not true debate. The same thing is echoed on the left, with their takedowns of token or phantom conservatives.

The result is a deeper and deeper embedding of each side’s opinions, with absolutely zero room for calm and honest consideration of the other side’s points.

The danger in this is that the incredible “siloing” of each side may be blinding all of us to what may really happen: That President Trump will in fact be removed from office.

There are signs that this may happen.

The first sign is this polarization itself. The polarization on Fox with its anchors assuring us that Trump will prevail is stymied by opinion polls conducted by Fox itself that show that 50 percent of those polled wanted Mr. Trump impeached and removed from office. That is a majority, folks. How can this be if Trump is on the brink of a big win?

Skewed polls, they say. But this is Fox News! “Fair and Balanced”, so they say. Well, if this poll meets the “fair and balanced” test, then what is going on here?

The second sign was revealed today when NY Senator (and in my opinion, Chief Complainer and Groaner – not that my opinions mean much!), Chuck Schumer, said that any Senate impeachment trial should be “focused on the facts that the House presented, not on conspiracy theories.” In a further, really gutsy move, the Master Complainer attempted to dictate what witnesses must be called to testify, despite the fact that in the Democrat-controlled House, Republicans were denied access to many of the key witnesses the House brought in to testify.

Schumer is gambling on the GOP doing what it has always done in the past – to try to “make nice” with the Democrats by granting this request. However, Schumer also stands to win if the Senate leadership categorically denies this request – unless that denial is followed up with great strength and will to expose the real nature of this impeachment, as a soft coup attempt against the President, who has done nothing that would qualify as a threat to the national security of the US, and he has done nothing illegal in any way. The globalist elite would have to be fully and brazenly exposed.

But, you see, in America, this no longer matters. That is why I have some strong forebodings about this process.

There appear to be three possible paths this could go from this point. Only one would work in stamping out the supposedly aboveboard attempt to accomplish this coup:

  1. The Democrat resolution to impeach fails the House Vote. Outcome: Trump appears to win, but in reality the stage is merely set for the next impeachment attempt. As Representative Al Green promised, impeachment can be done as many times as are wished. Trump loses because nothing is corrected, and the House will still be largely left in place. Once such scandals “end” any fire to remove liberals from office will quickly fade, almost assuring the continuation of a House Dem majority in 2020’s elections.
  2. The resolution passes the House and is met with disdain and acquittal from the Senate. Outcome: Trump again only appears to win. While he is still in power, the scandal progresses to include the allegation that the Senate is corrupt (even though this would be perfectly legal), and because of the news media bias and Democrat capability of screaming and yelling and being heard, the apparatus of opposition and “resistance” to President Trump will continue and worsen.
  3. The resolution passes the house and is met with a full Senate trial, with the Senate calling forth Adam Schiff, Joe Biden, Hunter Biden, Hillary Clinton, etc… in effect, all the bad actors that brought forth the coup attempt. This is the only scenario that offers the President a real chance at victory, if only by exposing the coup for what it is. It is unlikely that any of these aforementioned people will appear to testify. After all, they are Democrats, and they are very clever at manipulating power to give themselves what they want. However, even the boldness of the Republicans to call them to testify by subpoena or other compelling means would go a long way to show they are truly committed to undoing the tangled web that exists.

While scenario 3 would give President Trump a major political victory, it would also increase the chance of some sort of assassination attempt against the President. I am not kidding when I write this. There is far too much at stake for the opposition not to try to assassinate him, even though it is pure insanity.

After all, a year ago, it is possible that another coup attempt with an assassination attempt included took place. Look at my article about this, at this link. Nancy Pelosi, in a stunningly new move, attempted to leave the US for a trip to Afghanistan on January 17, 2019, taking with her a very odd retinue of people to such a hostile place. The projected departure lined up with the arrest on January 16 of a 21-year old man named Hasher Taheb, who was arrested on the charge of planning an attack against the White House on January 17th, using among other things an AT-4, an anti-tank weapon.

President Trump can beat the impeachment proceedings. If the Senate brings this matter to a full trial with the aforementioned witnesses, along with maybe President Barack Obama and other globalists, the US Senate has a chance at blowing out much of the underpinnings of this cabal which is trying to seize control of the US government for its own purposes.

However, it only has a chance. There is no guarantee that the Senate GOP members even number enough who are willing to go to this extent. After all, look at Mitt Romney. He is a GOP guy all the way, but he is also a major globalist, and he is strenuously opposed to President Trump. In fact, given the fact that many of the GOP members laid low during President Trump’s first few months in office, not giving him much support, given the fact that this is manifested in the slow progress of the border wall (which many GOP people despise as much as the Democrats do, and for the identical reasons – cheap labor means money for them), I find it hard to believe that the Senate has anything near what it takes to really deal a political deathblow to the Democrats.

I must say this: I dearly hope that I am wrong about all of this. I will be the happiest guy imaginable if my speculation here turns out completely wrong and President Trump not only beats this impeachment back but completely devastates the globalists and their sympathizers.

The only problem is that I am usually not wrong when making such guesses. There are three ultimate outcomes. One is the assassination of the President and probably VP Pence, placing Pelosi in power. Another is the instigation of violent rioting on the part of the Democrat / liberals, as is taking place in the UK now, even though they were thoroughly beaten in a fair election regarding Brexit.

The third is Trump’s removal from office, which is likely to instigate a civil war in the United States, possibly until someone false-flags “an attack by Russia”, plunging the US into a real war with that country, which of course will not be listened to by anyone in the West since Russia’s stance as a Christian nation is abhorrent to globalists. For them, the US civil war and the attempted destruction of Russia would look like a two-for-one deal, and given the level of insanity we are already seeing from these people, I cannot simply dismiss this possibility.

This incident, which happened in California, shows how volatile things are becoming. The civil war may start with more events like this. Watch all the way through.

Again, I hope dearly that I am wrong, but I would be remiss if I didn’t go with my gut and put these ideas out there for people to read and think about… and maybe find some course of action to prevent.

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