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There was no Russian hacking of the Brexit vote


Submitted by George Callaghan…

Remainers are sore losers. To lose with dignity is becoming of a gentleman. Before the 2016 everyone said they would accept the outcome. The United Kingdom has given effect to every referendum it has ever held.  The people defeated the plutocrats in 2016 but the result has still not been implemented. Remainers were clutching at straws for reasons not to honour the will of the people. Eurofanatics put about the canard that Russia somehow interfered in the referendum.

Nick Clegg was leader of the Liberal Democrats and indeed deputy prime minister. Clegg is a Europhile to his backbone. He studied at the College of Europe. This is an EU propaganda institute. It trains eurocrats to be smooth self-serving liar. They lord it over the masses who do not like being ripped off and bossed about. Later on Nick Clegg worked as a bureaucrat in Brussels. Like so many Europhile cheerleaders Clegg has never had a real job. He only ever worked as a propagandist for the Europhile conspiracy. In 2009 Clegg called for a referendum on EU membership. Clegg smugly assumed that his side would win. Be careful what you wish for! You may get it! Clegg was one of the most prominent faces on the Remain side. He was famously trounced by Nigel Farage in a debate on the EU before 2016. Whenever Farage exposed the dishonesty, profligacy and perniciousness of the EU then Clegg would say it was a lie. He used the formal fallacy of an appeal to ridicule. Clegg was quite simply bereft of any worthwhile arguments. He was also left floundering in 2016. He certainly deserved his knighthood. His stupidity and ineptitude led to Brexit.

Sir Nick is not a senior figure at facebook. Clegg was tasked with investigating whether any Russians intervened in the 2016 referendum. After an exhaustive search he arrived at the conclusion that there was no such interference.

Clegg is the Europhile’s Europhile. But even he is capable of telling the truth just occasionally. As he has confirmed that there was no Russian interference in the referendum that must be finally accepted.

There you have it. Shock, horror! It was a free and fair vote. Leave won. Get over it! Get on with it.

In Wales there was a referendum in 1979. Only 50% of people voted. Only a shade over 50% of them voted for devolution. Therefore, only just over 25% of the people voted for a Welsh Assembly. But they got it. The Labour Government implemented it with enthusiastic support from Plaid Cymru and the Lib Dems. But when the peasants do not vote as the Europhile elites command it is a different matter. Much bunkum is spoken about a second referendum. Why should there be? People heard all this intimidation from the EU and all the lies from the Remain campaign. People refused to be cowed by these despicable tactics. The only reason for a second referendum is that the elite do not like the result of the first one. But if a second why not a third and a fourth? As Remain did not accept the result of the first one why should leave accept the result of a second if it does not go Leave’s way? This is a recipe for paralysis. Extremis Remainers are hellbent on thwarting democracy. They will up any lie no matter how preposterous to prevent Brexit. But there has been a second referendum before. The UK voted on the European issue before in 1975. People only had to wait 41 years to revisit the issue.  We are not quite comparing like with like since 1975 was a postfactum referendum on the EEC. The EU is not the EEC but it is true it is a descendant of it. 2016 was a pre-legislation referendum. Eurosceptics had to move a mountain to even get a referendum on the EU. I agree to another referendum on the EU but only after an interval of at least 41 years.

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