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Thinking Aloud. What If … There’s a Globalist Double Bluff?


Greetings readers! Let’s imagine we’re a mob of refuseniks, malcontents, swivel-eyed, tongue-lolling, whacko “anti-vaxxers”, and hordes of angry, prowling mainstream journos now have us cornered and in their sights.

It’s Rough

Our vulnerable, exposed butt cheeks have swung into view. We’re lined up in the fact-checkers’ crosshairs and they’re about to give us both barrels. The newspapers did their utmost to convince readers like us, but zero debate of the vaccine pros and cons and page after page of gaslighting on the dangers of non-compliance was never going to cut it. All those emotionally blackmailing headlines, instead of making us ashamed and guilty, got us fired up, spoiling for a fight, and opting out. No way would smart, enlightened activists like us drop pour banners, put out the flames, trot dutifully along to the local clinic, sit still, roll up our sleeves, smile and allow that dreaded, experimental needle of gene therapy, masquerading as a vaccine, to plunge through our tough old hides and into tender flesh.

We’re super-tuned in, and we’ve spotted that the recently released, rushed through Pfizer and Moderna mRNA products are the two vying, frontrunner, media sponsored crowd pleasers. These are the vanquishers of US and European health markets. They both need deep freeze storage and delivery, whereas the Oxford AstraZeneca version, although similar in purpose, takes a different approach, can be carried and stored at manageable temperatures, so is most likely destined for Africa and India. It’s been tested on humans, employs an implanted, genetically modified chimpanzee adenovirus to achieve the same ends, and is feigning ‘not for profit’, unlike its two counterparts.

It’s Tough

Outwardly, unlike all those sedentary, holed-up believers, our sort have been out and about, defying lockdowns, OD’ing on sunlight, getting great lungfuls of fresh air, mixing, networking, and keeping trim and active by dodging police truncheons. But inwardly, it’s been quite the opposite. Our befuddled brains have been subjected to a pummelling; a year-long overkill and an unrelenting, merciless, self-contradictory shitshow. And not just by media and politicians. It’s all being obediently repeated and trotted out by our own nearest and dearest on social media and into our unprotected earholes, just to rub it in. So there’s been no escape for us. We’re hunkering down, head in hands, either avoiding mainstream drivel like the plague, or registering it simply because we have to remain vigilant and keep the enemy close.

But how much of what we’re seeing is true, and how much is skewed in the hope of shipping more papers? How much is skilfully wrought propaganda, and how much is shameless, outright fakery? After all, the alleged ‘competing’ elements of the legacy press and media enjoy carte blanche, are protected inside their own news monopoly bubble, and stand astride the entire information realm as bringers of the prevailing, establishment line. They’re increasingly billionaire-owned, engorged with power, and they’re recruiting hordes of duty-bound, bad-minded, slavering attack dogs wherever you look.

The media billionaires’ influence these days has extended even to the point of selecting and approving their own prime ministers and heads of state; a sleight of hand they’ve been pulling off behind the scenes for years. As a result, national governments have become dyed-in-the-wool servants of big money, fully coached in their day-to-day law and policy making by lobbyists, banks, and insanely wealthy hedge funds. And the inescapable outcome of all this is western democracies have mutated out of all recognition, become authoritarian monsters, and are totally unrepresentative of their electorates. Yes, that’s all those billions of angry, confused, short-changed electors, whose votes have been rigged out of existence.

These days, a favourable, listening ear is only reserved for certain upper class twits, multinationals with obscene levels of financial clout, or secretive, private concerns purposely located in the City of London, UK, where they enjoy the inalienable right to pick candidates for political high office from a broad selection of nodding, winking, old school tie chums.

Middle and working class citizens can go whistle, because they’ve made themselves irrelevant and surplus to requirements.

Meanwhile, amid the gathering gloom, brought down upon us by media and government-driven hysteria and the multiple assaults on our rights and freedoms, we’ve grown extremely guarded. We’re circling the wagons, shielding ourselves and our families from attack and yelling “NO”, loud and clear. Our body is our temple. Our option to abstain from medical intervention is clear, unalloyed and written into law everywhere we look. Vaccines – even alleged ones – cannot be forced upon us. It’s our body, our decision and ours alone to make.

Historical Stuff

The first anniversary of the P-word arrived on 10th March 2021. Pandemics are horrendous. Historically, along would come a killer virus and down we all went. Their impact was sudden, widespread, catastrophic and almost impossible to get to grips with. Before we had human vaccines, the only natural defences we could hope to rely upon were:

  • The geography. Despite the mobs of boneheaded police you see these days, wearing their masks in their cars or in the open air, viruses are neither airborne nor carried far on the wind, and for thousands of years, we’d all been largely sitting pretty on scattered islands and continents, separated by vast oceans and seas
  • A reduced ability to migrate and connect with each other. Air travel didn’t exist by the 19th Century, and by the early 20th it was extremely minimal and under-developed. So even as human vaccines began to proliferate, the world was a much ‘bigger’, stranger and far less interconnected place
  • *Herd immunity, an essential by-product of evolution – a term first coined in 1923 and first noticed in mice – was always our greatest natural defence. However, due to human proximity, viruses would sweep through close-knit communities like wildfire. Natural herd immunity against new viruses and their quicksilver mutations couldn’t hope to keep pace, taking far too long to gather and build

Had enough?

Has anybody noticed a growing trend lately? Today, it seems to take your average Joe Normie so much longer to openly reveal, a. their abject, all-consuming fear of losing their precious career and lifestyle, and b. their fulsome admiration for mainstream media ‘facts’ and opinion.

You must have spotted it. But what’s brought this change about? Maybe they’re all harbouring doubts, but fear of losing face, being identified alongside David Icke, or being seen as wayward free thinkers means they’re absolutely petrified of fessing up. In the miserable old days of the last century, brave whistleblowers and ideas people were quickly and confidently rounded upon by others, publicly ridiculed as snitches and conspiranoids, then sent packing. Because ignorance and stupidity held sway, the prevailing attitude back then – even within our own friends and family – was a huge barrier to surmount, and a massive deterrent to public words and action.

So try this out; home in on one of these friends, family members or work colleagues, get them in the spotlight, challenge them with the findings of your research and watch their responses closely. You’ve had the courage to emerge from the sceptics’ closet and the time has arrived to pour forth on a long list of what you’ve discovered to be hidden truths. It’s you – the newly enlightened one – versus a staid, Facebook dwelling Joe Normie. Presently, you finish and take a breather, awaiting his reaction. In the past, you’d have been pounced upon / disarmed / charged / trampled underfoot. But look…! That’s not happening anymore. He’s blinking rapidly, nodding uncertainly, shifting on his feet, until eventually an arm is raised and he points into the distance…

“Ooh, look at that bird on Mrs Coltart’s roof”.

Joe Normie has skilfully changed the subject and thrown you. You failed. But if you keep working on him in the hours, days, maybe weeks ahead, eventually he’ll crack. His pitiful subservience – which has been hidden away – will finally emerge. You had misgivings, and you weren’t quite certain he was an idiot, but eventually he will open his mouth and remove all doubt.

And it will have taken so much longer to draw him out, but that’s progress!

And in the teeth of Google meddling, censorship and the culling of alternative voices, we can still thank the internet, new technology, the phone in your pocket and near global connectivity for burgeoning, 21st Century access to previously closed off, impossible to find material.

But when all’s said and done, did it do us any good…? 

The Double Bluff

Now, let’s cast our minds forward to a world where we’ve all been liberated and returned to “the old normal”, not a term we like to use when you consider the vanishing few humans who’ve actually experienced any dictionary definition of ‘normal’. 

And let’s say SARS-COV-2 was a dry run, a stalking horse for another far more deadly, laboratory-spun behemoth, one that’s been decades in the making. Top secret up until now, SARS-COV-3 / Covid21 is being readied behind the scenes for a spring 2021 global curtain call.

Now let’s imagine the Covid19 experimental gene therapies masquerading as vaccines have been designed to bestow all the frightened, obedient, non-thinking sheep with the perfect defence against SARS-COV-3 when it’s released. Well, lucky them…

…as for the hundreds of millions of damned, interfering ingrates and disgruntled conspiranoids, spread all over the globe, with their sleeves firmly rolled down… well, we fell for it. We’re doomed. We don’t know it yet, but Galton’s eugenicists are about to have their wildest dreams come true.

The double bluff will win the day. The billions of sheep will be so easy to do away with when the time comes. Why? Because there’s nobody to put up a fight. Not anymore. Bill Gates won his $20 billion award for vaccinating the world, and into the bargain, all those pesky conspiracy theorists had unwittingly opted for … death by vaccine hesitation.


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