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This is NOT what Dr Martin Luther King had in mind [Video]


Watch this presentation by Fox News’ Tucker Carlson. The parents he reports about did what all of us must do if we are faced with this sort of situation.

No racism does NOT mean “black get revenge against whites.” It means “no racism.” No special privileges, and no excuses. This is a Christian notion, and it is absolutely not what is being pushed in our hysteria around “Black Lives Matter.”

The behavior that I have personally seen by BLM activists would make Dr. King weep in shame. BLM and its sympathizers are racist, and while I understand the sentiment, I only held it when I was a snot-nosed druggie kid that blamed everyone and everything else for my own problems. When I got straightened out, I realized that the great liberty of free choice is a divine gift and therefore, my own responsibility to use wisely (kind of like what they said in Spider-man, right? But it is true.)

It is time to get things fixed.

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