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This T-Shirt Perfectly Demonstrates The Democrats’ Plans For America


If you watched the 2020 State of the Union Address or have been online at all since Tuesday, you’ve probably seen a video of Speaker Nancy Pelosi ripping up President Donald Trump’s speech at the end of it. She was even seen attempting to sneakily test how many pages she could tear at once under her desk before she did the dramatic deed.

To many, this was a symbolic event, indicative of democrats destroying the sanctity of America. Namely, the constitution, as they continually pass laws to upend freedom. Gun control and socialized healthcare propositions come to mind. As people watched that display unfold at the most important address of the year, it became clear that the democrats, led by their Speaker of the House, do not care about keeping America great. (RELATED: Nancy Pelosi Tears Up Speech Copy As Soon As Trump Concludes State Of The Union)

Nancy Pelosi ripping up Trump’s speech is symbolic of Democrats ripping up the constitution with every anti-freedom bill they pass. #SOTU

— Olivia Rondeau (@rondeaulivia) February 5, 2020

I wasn’t the only one with this thought, as one of our sponsor organizations Cavalry Apparel, has already been selling their  “Nancy Pelosi Ripping Up The Constitution” t-shirt….and they are flying off the shelf faster than the pages of Nancy Pelosi’s pre-cut speech pages!

(Photo via Cavalry Apparel)

(Photo via Cavalry Apparel)

Get your shirt today in either heather burgundy or heather gray for $20.99 

While at first glance it looks like the shirt shows the original image of Pelosi ripping up Trump’s speech, take a slightly closer look. On the pages is the American Constitution, putting a spin on the anti-America symbolism in the modern-day democratic party.

Get yours today at our sponsor, Cavalry Apparel! And use the code THEDC to take 15% off your entire order.

(Photo via Cavalry Apparel)

(Photo via Cavalry Apparel)

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