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Tommy Robinson released from prison



Tommy Robinson has been released from Britain’s maximum security jail after a nine-week sentence that arose from him filming the faces of rape gang suspects outside of court.

The former English Defence League leader turned citizen journalist and anti-child rape activist was pictured leaving HMP Belmarsh prison Friday morning, sporting a beard and long hair from his time behind bars. Laughing with Ezra Levant, a Canadian journalist who has allied himself closely to Mr Robinson, the street organiser joked his first stop after prison would be for a haircut because his newly grown ginger-streaked beard made him look like a “little cowardly convert” to Islam.

Sparring with journalists from the British Daily Mirror newspaper which had turned up to photograph him on release, Mr Robinson said: “you read their lies, the Daily Mirror lied saying I was attacked in this prison, you made up an entire story.

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