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Tons of news. Let’s talk about what’s going on in the world



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Franz Beckenbauer

Mr. Mercouris keeps making the mistake of believing that the clown’s boyband – which is getting smaller by the day – is representing ukraine. Nothing could be further from the truth. As putin said so corrctly in one of his latest interviews, only a small – very small – minirity in ukraine wants to join NATO for a very simple reason: they don’t want to be the cannon fodder for some idiot’s stupidity. My guess is the number of people wanting ukraine to join NATO is very much the few desperate due-hards around the clown who were stupid enough to… Read more »


U r very close to the true truth 😉

The clown pretending to be the president is strung up so bad that it’s not funny anymore 🙈 ukraina or more correctly upadlina (the falling one) is currently run exclusively by the khazarian mafia and the local cattle think they have a state😂

The whole game play is rather simple! The end justifies all the nasty in betweens😈

The project is the “Pale revival” and resettlement between the B-B seas – 19th century maps tell the story!

The last stumbling block is located in Minsk!


Anyway, the Woke Pentagon wouldnt be able to intervene even if they wanted too. The Sissy Army is unmanned

Cheryl Tobin

I would like to hear your opinions regarding Glenn Greenwald promoting the story that the protesters who were violently removed from Lafayette Park were not removed for Trump’s photo op. but were instead ordered removed on orders from the Park Service so a contractor could install a security fence. I’m aware that Greenwald is a Pulitzer Prize winning journalist but this story of his does not ring true for me.


Only the fully vaccinated allowed into Wembley? Thats going to be a massive shedding party! Lots and lots of the vaccinated getting CV there but dont expect to read that in the “newspapers”.


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June 12, 2021