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‘Total Devastation Everywhere’: Dierks Bentley’s Drummer Steve Misamore Says After Home Destroyed By Tornado


Dierks Bentley’s longtime drummer Steve Misamore said things “could have been worse” as he shared footage of what’s left of his home following the tornado that hit central Tennessee.

“Hey everyone, Steve and CarryAnn here — as you can see behind us, yeah, we did take the direct hit,” Misamore explained in a video posted on Instagram. The post was noted by Yahoo.com in a piece published Wednesday. “We were in Vero Beach, Florida, starting a vacation, and got the call at about one in the morning from our neighbor that the tornado hit.” (RELATED: US Tornado Activity Is The Lowest In 65 Years Of Record Keeping)

“We saw it on the news, flew back,” he added.  As you can see, we’ve lost the top floor, or you could say decided to develop an open concept.” (RELATED: CBS Affiliate Reporter’s Harrowing On-The-Ground Tornado Video Looks Like A Scene From The Movie ‘Twister’)

Misamore continued, “It’s very open concept.” as he turned the camera around while showing that a huge portion of his home was just gone and the devastation around him.

Steve then shared when they got home they were overwhelmed by the “total devastation everywhere” after the tornado.

“So, after a couple hours of crying…” Misamore went on, with CarryAnn chiming in, “It’s just bricks, and lumber, and nails, that’s all.”

“And we’ll start new memories,” he added.  “With whatever happens with this.”

CarryAnn jumped in, “And maybe we’ll get a pool!”

“Jacuzzi too,” Steve explained. “I don’t know.”

The pair then thanked everyone for the prayers, texts and well wishes, adding that they would continue to post pictures as they just “try to get through it” and rebuild.

As of Wednesday, at least 25 people have been killed in the storm after a tornado ripped through Nashville and the central part of the state early Tuesday morning.

“It hit so fast, a lot of folks didn’t have time to take shelter,” Putnam County Mayor Randy Porter told reporters. “Many of these folks were sleeping.”

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