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Total System Leverage Now Record High Creating SUPER Bubble That CAN’T Be Reversed!



Today, we are encountering an unimaginable state. All previous attempts to fix the financial system have been very straightforward: Lower interest rates and print money. The government [would] simply fill in gaps wherever they could and eventually the recovery would be back to normal. Since the Financial Crisis, clearly that didn’t happen. In fact today it is very obvious what a flawed method this really is. They’ve exhausted all options. Except of course, confetti currency. Are you ready?

Federal Reserve debates tougher regulation to prevent asset bubbles | Financial Times

Federal Reserve debates tougher regulation to prevent asset bubbles

Senior Federal Reserve officials are calling for tougher financial regulation to prevent the US central bank’s low interest-rate policies from giving rise to excessive risk-taking and asset bubbles in the markets. The push reflects concerns that the Fed’s ultra-loose monetary policy for struggling families and businesses risks becoming a double-edge sword, encouraging behaviour detrimental to economic recovery and creating pressure for additional bailouts.

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These Are the World’s Best (And Worst) Pension Systems in 2020 – Bloomberg


Miso Robotics Flippy robot on sale for $30,0000 – Business Insider

Flippy, the $30,000 automated robot fast-food cook, is now for sale with ‘demand through the roof’ – see how it grills burgers and fries onion rings

Miso Robotics’ kitchen robot, Flippy, just became available to purchase for $30,000. Flippy can cook 19 items, including burgers and hash browns. Flippy works as a kitchen assistant, moving along a rail. Visit Business Insider’s homepage for more stories.

Smoothie-making bot at Walmart signals the rise of the robot fast-food worker

Smoothie-making bot at Walmart signals the rise of the robot fast-food worker

You know that robots are going mainstream when they pop up in Walmart. That was the case for startup Blendid which debuted its fourth Bay Area location at the Fremont Walmart in California this week. The kiosk, open seven days a week, allows customers to place contactless orders for a 12-ounce smoothie, which will then be whipped up by an on-site autonomous robot.


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The financial system is moving in an interesting direction here in 2020. Many have begun to ask which tech stocks should [I] buy. Others have said tech stocks or [ETF]s. Passive investing has increased in popularity and will surpass active investing.

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