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Transcript Release: Hillary’s Emails, Nellie Ohr, Obama Admin Corruption And Money Laundering Confirmed


While the Democrats have made their “Impeachment Inquiry” look like they have initiated Impeachment Proceedings and celebrated, they just got slammed with a TRANSCRIPT that may have annihilated all protections provided to them under Executive Order 13489 and revealed how effective John Durham’s trip to the EU was by demonstrating who was fired! Curiously, their soon to be short lived celebration was missing the QUEEN of “Impeach 45” Maxine Waters…she’s been very quiet lately hasn’t she?

First, let’s parse the rhetoric that the Democrats are pushing. According to Chuck Schumer, the transcript of the call is NOT as reliable as someone who claims to have heard about the call, but not the actual call?

Sen. Chuck Schumer: “Simply to release the transcript is not going to come close to ending the need of the American public and the Congress to see what actually happened.” pic.twitter.com/MYRLDoRTw7

— The Hill (@thehill) September 24, 2019

How do you find a leak in a pipe? You run water through it and see what bucket fills. We all know CrowdStrike has backup servers and associations of various sub companies that are concentrated in Ukraine. While many claim Russia “hacked” the DNC server, parsing the imsubmisable report by CrowdStrike, the manufactured fingerprint code illustrating Russian origin was Chinese and derived from Ukraine, according to the head of CyberSec who claimed his investigation into the server was bottlenecked by Strzok’s team in August 2016.

This morning the MSM (mainstream media), both the PR arm for the Democrats, and conservative media, skipped over the most important part of the transcript! While they highlighted pleasantries and how President Trump reiterated appreciation for their cooperation into the CrowdStrike investigation, it turns out President Zelensky Shared the sentiment and agreed with who the POC for the Russia Hoax lead in the Ukraine was. To understand it fully, we will revisit old reports I have put out.

August 18, 2016, a few days after the CyberSec Senior official stated the operation was bottlenecked by Strzok, Barack Hussein Obama appointed a new Ambassador to the Ukraine. This new ambassador was actually Nellie Ohr’s “mentor” and worked the Russian Desk at the State Department under the administration of former impeached rapist President Bill Clinton. Her name, Marie Yovanovitch.

All Presidential calls are immortalized in transcripts called Memorandum of a Telephone Conversation (TELCON), and these are done so by staff and interpreters in the situation room. Looks like they were VERBATIM, not accounting cultural nuance and grammar. The missing key component of this conversation indicates, President Zelensky asking President Trump to exchange notes on what information John Durham collected during his trip to Ukraine in May 2019, on both U.S. Ambassador to the Ukraine Yovanovich, and Ukrainian Ambassador to the U.S.

Coincidentally, Obama plant and Nellie Ohr’s mentor Yovanovitch, was FIRED from her post shortly after John Durham arrived.

If true, appalling move by @SecPompeo to throw a career diplomat under the bus for partisan games. Lutsenko’s allegations against Amb Yovanovitch were reportedly laundered by Rudy Giuliani to blame her for Ukraine’s investigation into Paul Manafort. Sick. https://t.co/p8S3QNR2ER

— Michael Carpenter (@mikercarpenter) May 6, 2019

Joe diGenova gave us some insight (before she was fired) on how Yovanovitch, now FIRED and former State Department Russian desk queen, (who is really the DOSSIER Ukrainian coordinator posing as an Ambassador), and Nellie Ohr’s mentor, felt about the 2016 Presidential Elections.

After Durham’s visit to Ukraine, Yovanovitch was fired and the evident outrage by the left was for good reason. This is where the Atlantic Council, AntAC, but more importantly Nellie Ohr and her mentor’s involvement in #crossfirehurricane, came to light. We got the server.

What do Attorney General Barr and John Durham want from Ukraine? I meant to say, what do AG Barr and Prosecutor Durham HAVE since May from Ukraine? Hillary’s emails.

  • Mirrored DNC Server (even corrupt companies need insurance)
  • Payments laundered via DNC, Obama For America (OFA) and Hillary For America to AntAC for Manafort dirt. (Thanks Perkins Coie)
  • Nellie Ohr “work product” under her mentor Yovanovitch
  • Looks like Yovanovitch was responsible in coordinating clean up after Biden got UKRAINE to change their law and appoint Lutsenko.
  • Christopher Steele visits to the Embassy

Notably it was previously reported :

Nellie Ohr’s research was contained on two thumb drives. “One alleged that unverified ties existed between the Trump organization and Russian mobsters; the other provided a timeline alleging wrongdoing by former Trump campaign manager Paul Manafort.

Red State

The thumb drives were backed up off the server that we now have from the Ukrainian government. We have Hillary’s emails, and all the back end work of Nellie Ohr while she was in Ukraine working on the “dossier” under the purview of her mentor Yovanovitch, as a contractor for Fusion GPS.


As far as PRECEDENT goes, Since President Trump’s transcript with Ukraine was released that means transcripts sealed by Barack Hussein Obama under EO 13489 are no longer protected. We can now get transcripts of Barack Hussein Obama and Joe Biden speaking with any country including the Ukraine. They have nothing to hide, right? The Democrats believe they did nothing wrong, so they shouldn’t have a problem releasing them. Not like a fire would break out all of a sudden, right?

It is important that we draw the line in respects to reasoning behind the transcript’s release, when it is appropriate. This transcript release and those that we will be unsealing from Barack Hussein Obama’s archives records, must align with the scope at hand and be appropriate, according to our 1999 Treaty with Ukraine. If a well defined line of when discussions of the President of the United States and foreign leaders are eligible for public release isn’t etched in stone, trust between leaders of other nations and our president and future presidents will be eroded.

What happened?

John Durham gets to Ukraine in May 2019, Yovanovitch is fired as ambassador. John Durham is appointed by Attorney General William Barr to investigate CRIMES and the origination of the #RussiaHoax. Under that investigation the “Atlantic Council” comes up and so does AntAC.

According to Article 2, Durham appointed by AG Barr, has the full authority to investigate, collect and share information.

Article 2 provides for the establishment of Central Authorities and defines Central Authorities for purposes of the Treaty. For the United States, the Central Authority shall be the Attorney General or a person designated by the Attorney General. For Ukraine, the Central Authority shall be the Ministry of Justice and the Office of the Prosecutor General. The article provides that the Central Authorities shall communicate directly with one another for the purposes of the Treaty.


The Atlantic Council is tied to CrowdStrike – and CrowdStrike is tied to Fusion GPS. Both of those companies are tied to Nellie Ohr. Ohr’s mentor is fired U.S. Ambassador to Ukraine, Yovanovitch, who housed Ohr at the Embassy in 2016. Did you know that CEO of CrowdStrike was on the board of the Atlantic Council too? Did you know that James Clapper was also on the board? Hunter Biden was also involved with Atlantic Council via Burisma. Funny how the DNI report on Russia election meddling involved all the same people right? Clapper, Brennan, Ohr, Biden, Yovanovitch, and CrowdStrike, all part of the Atlantic Council and contributors to the Russia Report?

Totally not a fix….. said no one EVER!

The investigation into the origination of #RussiaHoax WILL lead to IMPEACHMENT. Were federal tax dollars used to create a dossier?


No wonder USAID cannot reconcile their balances with that of the U.S. Treasury, with millions unaccounted for.

Impeachment of former President Barack Hussein Obama is imminent. The Democrats have literally pulled their own pants down and have no umbrella for the storm upon them.

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