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Treat Yourself To Early Black Friday Savings With This Discounted Hair Dryer And Brush Set


Is there anyone out there who doesn’t want smooth, gorgeous locks without having to spend a fortune at the salon? That’s why this Prisma Ionic Pro Dryer makes for the perfect holiday gift — even if it’s just for yourself. At a Black Friday-worthy price like this, there’s no reason not to snag this game-changing hair tool!

On average, a woman can spend around $300 a month on products and services to maintain her appearance, amounting to around $3,700 a year! But if you cut out expensive haircare and trips to the salon, it’s likely that amount would go down significantly, and with hair tools like the Prisma Ionic Pro Dryer, that’s completely doable.

The Prisma Ionic Pro Dryer is unlike any other hair tools you’ve used in the past. Skillfully engineered with Infinity Flow Technology and the advanced far infrared ceramic heater, this hair tool expertly controls airflow, making styling practically effortless. And while it dries your hair in record time — 60% faster than regular blowdryers, in fact — it releases negative ions that help repair dry, damaged hair. That means smoother tresses and less frizzy flyaways, no matter your hair type.

But to really get the most out of your Prisma Ionic Pro Dryer, using a high-quality paddle brush like this one can take your tresses to a whole new level. Made from 100% natural boar bristles, this brush helps maintain your har’s natural oils, giving it incredible shine and volume.

Featured on top beauty sites with rave reviews, there’s no doubt the Prisma Ionic Pro Dryer and its accompanying paddle brush set will change the way your hair looks in between salon visits. And the best part? The entire thing costs less than your typical blowout.

Save during this pre-Black Friday sale and get the Prisma Ionic Pro Dryer Paddle Hair Brush Set for just $60 bucks, an incredible 60% its regular price!

Price subject to change.

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