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Trump Campaign Prioritizes ‘Unborn Life,’ Religious Freedom for 2nd Term


The Trump campaign has added both “unborn life” and religious freedom to its list of core priorities as the president anticipates a possible second term.

The new bullet points have been added to the campaign’s agenda under the heading of “Defend American Values”:

  • Continue nominating constitutionalist Supreme Court and lower court judges
  • Protect unborn life through every means available
  • Defend the freedoms of religious believers and organizations
  • Support the exercise of Second Amendment rights

Catholic News Agency reported Trump faced objections from some Catholics for initially omitting the issues of abortion and religious freedom from the list of priorities.

The Republican National Convention prominently featured numerous pro-life speakers, including former Planned Parenthood director turned pro-life advocate Abby Johnson; Covington Catholic High School graduate Nick Sandmann; Catholic nun and medical doctor Sister Deirdre Byrne; former Notre Dame football coach Lou Holtz; human rights activist Chen Guangcheng; and Ohio mother Tera Myers, who rejected the advice of her doctor to abort her son with Down syndrome.

In stark contrast to Trump’s agenda, Democrat nominee Joe Biden has promised to defend abortion rights, which the abortion industry refers to as “women’s healthcare,” and has committed to embracing the Democrat Party’s pro-abortion agenda that includes codifying Roe v. Wade, fully funding Planned Parenthood and forcing American taxpayers to fund abortions.