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Trump Declares War On Antifa, Thugs And Riots — Watch Live


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Tune in from 7-9 PM CT to get deep analysis by Robert Barnes over the riots and Trump’s federal response

On this Monday episode of American Countdown, constitutional attorney Robert Barnes discusses President Trump’s White House address condemn the nationwide looting and violence urging governors to activate the National Guard. He also breaks down Trump’s walk to St. John’s Church which has deeply triggered the left and mainstream media. Barnes also takes your calls to get your take on the riots and Trump’s response to them.

Tune in from the 7-9 PM CST to get the latest insights from @Barnes_Law!

Also tune in at AmericanCountdown.News.

Trump Declares War on Antifa Thugs & Riots! https://t.co/mgryafWEVD

— Robert Barnes (@Barnes_Law) June 1, 2020

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