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Trump heading to California to raise money, but keeping details secret



Donald Trump’s past visits to California have been marked by chaotic protests, violent clashes and arrests.

But his return this week may be different. That’s because no one knows where he’s going.

Trump’s planned trip to the liberal Bay Area on Tuesday – his first as president – has been shrouded in secrecy, with officials declining to reveal the city where he’s holding a high-priced fundraiser. The visit to California, his fourth time traveling to the state since taking office, comes as the political and legal battles between the Trump administration and Democrats in California are dramatically escalating.

The president, who has recently criticized California’s cities over the growing homelessness crisis, is expected to raise millions at a lunch somewhere in the Bay Area on Tuesday, followed by visits to Los Angeles and San Diego. Initial rumors suggested he would be going to Atherton, a Silicon Valley suburb in the country’s wealthiest zip code, but city officials there said it appeared plans had changed.

Trump’s visit is a reminder that even though California remains a reliable Democratic stronghold and is seen as the leader of the “resistance” to the president’s agenda, there are pockets that vote Republican and continue to back the president. And some of them are opening their wallets.

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