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Trump Millennial Files Against Incumbent In Pennsylvania


President Trump continues to inspire candidates to take on the Republican establishment, with Pennsylvania native Bobby Jeffries announcing earlier this week that he will challenge Scott Perry in the 2020 election.

Pennsylvania’s 10th congressional district stretches across the Central part of the sate and includes towns like Hershey, Hummelstown and Harrisburg. Jeffries is the Director of Logistics/Warehousing/Shipping for his family’s health and wellness company, which is located in Harrisburg.

Perry, a career
politician who jumped from the State House to congress in 2013, has made hollow
term-limits pledges multiple times throughout his 12 years as a public
official. He continues to violate his own promises to abide by term-limits and
is approaching his fifth term in the United States Congress. The back benching
congressman was extremely late in getting on the Trump train in 2016, offering
a tepid statement of support AFTER Trump secured the nomination.

Jeffries was an early
supporter of Trump’s quest for the Oval Office and remains dedicated to helping
the President restore American greatness.

“America’s future is big, bright, and bold.” Bobby Jeffries said. “We cannot look back at the trash heap of history’s failed ideas to propel our way forward.”

Less than 48 hours after he announced his campaign, incumbent career politician Scott Perry announced that he would host a townhall in the district early next week. He started promoting the event around 9AM on Wednesday. Less than 15 minutes after invites went out to residents, dozens of people commented on Perry’s social media pages about how they couldn’t RSVP. Some claimed that they were informed that the event was at capacity after less than an hour. Others reported technical errors and theorized that he stacked the guest list with people who are supporting his campaign.

One of the main
issues in Pennsylvania’s 10th district is the inaccessibility of Congressman
Perry, who hasn’t held a townhall to interact with voters since early 2017.
Jeffries told LauraLoomer.US that as a native of the district, he will always
spend more time back home interacting with constituents and would never
demonstrate such incompetence when organizing townhalls.

“We need to show my generation and those behind mine that there are alternatives to being radically progressive. That free markets and personal liberty are worth fighting for, and they are our only pathway to continued prosperity.”

Jacob Engels

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