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Trump supporter speaks frustration from his own experience at the Capitol [Video]


There are a couple inaccuracies here, but the video is important.

Let’s get the inaccuracies out of the way first:

  1. President Trump did not concede the election. He did say that he will work with the transition team. That is different. He noted so in his message.
  2. President Trump did sense the Vice President Mike Pence was going to cave. To be sure, Mr. Pence was within his bounds to say he did not believe himself to be in the right to unilaterally override the Electoral College votes. The Constitution is vague on this matter, and it was always the greater likelihood of success that the Congress as a body of people ought to be that group which objects to the fraud allegations. While this stings like hell for those of us who love our president and who fear the incoming cabal of darkness, it also seems to have been the best possible “right way.” I wish it were not so; I was hoping that the overrunning of the Capitol was the beginning of the Big Throwdown, too.

These things being said, I was not there on the ground, and this gentleman was, so what he has to say is extremely important, whether one agrees or disagrees with him. God be with him and with all of us.

Here he is.

By the way, the troublemakers in the riot do appear to have been Antifa, running a fake Trump supporter masquerade. This was a brilliant move by these agitators, and it caused precisely the fuel for the increased network outrage, and the hypnotism of millions of relatively uninformed Americans who will believe that “President Trump called for the riots”, though this is not true in any shape or form.

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Yes! Trump supporters tried to stop breaking of windows more than once -even ended fighting with them. I was there watching n taping! pic.twitter.com/Ah0klHv4Fw


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