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Trump Uses G7 To Take Care Of Business


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In a meeting of world leaders, Trump comes out on top

The G7 took place in Biarritz, France, an ancient French basque whaling town just 22 miles across the Bay of Biscay from Spain, or at least that’s what the massively unpopular French President Emmanuel Macron was diligently distracting the world leaders with at the G7 while his police swept the quiet coastline for mines.

Macron didn’t want to mention his 32% approval rating or the G7 protests within miles of the summit.

There was no mention of the now eleven months of yellow vest protests that have turned the country upside down.

But that didn’t stop Russian President Putin from reminding Macron, and as Macron blathered on about his own vulgar incompetence, back at the adult table, President Trump and English Prime Minister Boris Johnson talked about the future of Brexit.

Then, President Trump unleashed the undeniable truth of China’s economic stranglehold on the United States and drew a line in the sand.

Macron proved he could be a good host by pointing at the coast of Spain for all of his guests, but more importantly, Macron solidified his utter failure as a global leader and a historically detested President of France.

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